F1 2010: Game Save Problems – Patch Update for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2010

We have some good news for those of you with a copy of F1 2010 on either the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, as developers Codemasters has just confirmed that they will be releasing a patch update for the game to solve various problems which are affecting some gamers.

As reported from Eurogamer, the patch update will specifically combat issues involving corrupt game saves which affects all three platforms of the game.

As far we know, this isn’t a widespread problem, since we’ve had some reports from you that your game save is fine. However, Codemasters has specifically pinpointed a few reasons which could trigger a corrupt game save – find out more details on that on the official forum here.

It is nice to see the team addressing the problem so soon after launch, which is sure to please a lot of frustrated racers out there for sure! Let us know your thoughts on this, particularly if you have experienced any problems wih the game.

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  • ron

    i still have the problem and the forum is closed down what should i do

  • rob

    hi to save on PC without a live account:

    say yes to login…. eventually cant remember which screen off top of my head.. it allows you to create a locqal profile … prob solved 🙂

    • giorgos

      i cant understand tha you say "eventually cant remember which screen off top of my head"…..what you mean?what must to do exactly?

    • giorgos

      i cant understand tha you say "eventually cant remember which screen off top of my head"…..what you mean?what must to do exactly?

  • john

    Please how to make autosave the game,

  • Jon Black

    Another pain in the neck problem, if you even go near another car, you get hit with a pit stop pen, plus the other F1 cars never seem to get damaged…

  • connor

    hey and yeah I've had the same issue. Loading up the game, and, data is corrupted!! so annoying, and along with constant punctures and the fact that only you have spray in the wet ruins a perfectly good game. How do you get patches though, are they online or in store?

  • Brian

    Have F1-2010 on PC,both XP and Win7.At first I was able to load and play on full screen,but now everytime only in window form.Most annoying.Have patched on win7 but has not made any difference..Loaded first today on XP.OK.Then reloaded on XP and now have the same problem as on win7..Any ideas on how to get rid of windows frame ?
    Also haven`t been able to work out how to save progress offline.Is this possible?

  • when is the update coming

  • brendan

    ps3 patch hit earlier today and its caused a couple of new problems…… randomly my team mate li grassi twice during a pratice session was stop dead in the middle of the track and i drove right through him…. and when picking ur tyres in the garage it shows the wrong tyres by the car but when u go on track it puts the correct tyres on. not sure how many problems fixed

  • AKU

    No problems. Pure pleasure…ok…The pit stop delays and the fact that if you enable the tire sim you will have punctures every single race! and also occationally a car is ramming against the pit wall and "yellow flags in sector 3 no passing" "yellow flag no longer apply" nonstop…
    Oh and I spin and a car behind me crashes on me I get the penalty?! Get it sorted couse small things like this are quite te annoyance

  • Jac Hawk

    yep i'm on to the german grand prix and guess what, the god damn save game problem has struck me, it wouldn't have been so bad if it was only after the first few races, but i'm half way through a season and totally gutted. I'm playing it on the 360 and i'm surprised that the same issues are affecting all 3 platforms, it makes me wonder how many minutes or seconds went into testing and de bugging, not too many by the looks of it.

  • Alcono

    i have fixed my problems by deleteing the rapture3D crap and i updated my realtek device i hope that helps anyone else out there with sound problems

  • mikeyy

    Hi had Xbox 360 version of F12010 and has no problem with save data
    graphic and sounds and all that stuff is very good quality the online annoying problem is online that the joining lobby feature is wank and need looking at

  • chandler bing

    i was in my 5th season, starting my new contract with redbull! don't wanna start it over again!

  • Alcono

    i have it on pc and the sound is absolutely terrible

    when you have a press conference or the team manager talks to you , you can still hear the engines running… when u turn down the engine sounds in audio it does nothing.. wondering if its a non up to date sound card etc

  • richard

    manu make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed,if nvidia goto nvidias website,ati goto ati website.Also make sure your pc can actually run the game.

  • manu2011

    i hav got it on pc but its not working it says (F1_2010_game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.) what should i do plz tel me.

    • sam

      I have that also!!

  • f12010sepreme

    well i got xbox version and im tearing round the track with no problem.. only problem you lot will have is catching up…

  • Arkangel

    I'm a PS3 owner and have to say I've experienced the pit stop issue where all AI cars come into the pits on the same laptop as you and YOU are the one left at the back of queue of cars exiting the pits – I went into the pits in 3rd, exited (eventually!) in 23rd spot!! Believe the workaround for this at the mo is to pit on a different lap to the one your engineer advises you to pit on. Additionally, there are some serious frame rate drops here and there, especially on the Monaco track. According to the official Codemasters forum these are known issues that will be addressed in a fortchcoming patch… otherwise a great game and best F1 console game in years!

    • mikeyy

      The pit stop experience your having is why you always adjust your race strategy because i had that and change the lap i go in and no problems its all because of the rules that state you can not pull out of your stop until the exit is clear so if say 3 car come past you so they can pull in and pit you have to wait its a complete bummer but you cant try and at least pull off the side by side action like alonso and vettel do in the pit because its to mad to do that in a game owell 🙂

  • I was looking forward to a 360 F1 game since I first bought my 360 3 years ago, so I've been gagging for this game ever since I heard it was being released. I purchased it at 2am on the day of release and ploughed several hours of my day into it. When I went to load it after having some lunch, I got the save game corrupt error. Until the patch is released, I am not taking the chance of losing another career save. I will wait until there is a fix before I play again, which is devastating as it is a fantastic game! Hopefully this patch will arrive soon…

  • Simon

    It's actually been widely reported that the XBox version of F12010 has superior graphics, certainly looks better than the PS3 version, not sure why! Could be something to do with the better upscaling abilities of the 360? Anyway I've not had any freezing issues on my 360.

    • mikeyy

      I dont have a PS3 but the Xbox 360 graphics are absolutely amazzzzzzing

  • mushi mush

    haha! I have F1 challenge on pc and also PS3 F1. man, how on earth you can compare dick witrh finger?? PS3 version is undoubtful million times better. Never had any freezing (touch wood) or any other problem. I use Logitech GT Driving Force wheel. Only xbox owners have bugs due to weaker processing of the console itself.

    • matin

      weaker processing do your research m8 ur find the tec boffins find the 360 to be more powerfull when analised thats why multi platform games always look better on xbox

    • Ben


  • anonomous

    ive had 3 copies already all because the game crashes at the loading point at the beginning

    • Ken

      I've had the same problem had to take two discs back as could given get the game to load on PS3 without having currpt game save data

      • stan

        i have the same problems as well….just doesnt load and comes up error message….other times the game will load up first time…really pissed now gonna get rid i think

        • Dazza

          I have tried to do the championship 3 times and everytime I only get halfway or around Silverstone before it goes corrupt. All that hard work gone trying to get into Red Bull 🙂

    • Jaci

      same here i just got another copy today and it froze immediately

      • Motogp

        Hit "Enter" for PC or "X"….. during starting…. you will skip the intro… should be OK…
        I solved the problem by this way.

  • Yomamascunt

    IT's very easy to fix, you dont play this garbage and instead play the only decent f1 game for pc, ie F1 Challenge 98-02.

    YES it's old, but it's the best

    • Don

      This game is WAAAAAAAY better than F1 Challenge……… Not even close, no issues with the PS3 copy to date.. Knock on wood.

    • rawi

      yomamas were have you been living bro have you ever heard of rfactor

  • Michael Tully

    I get a lot of freezing points within the game, coming out of the pits and general racing… I use the official Xbox 360 Wheel

  • Darren

    Theres many more problems to be resolved other then saved data. The pit stop sutuation is across the board and is a problem experienced by all. Sort it asap.

    • Dominic

      Pit stops have been sorted since the patch has been released, if you do still encounter any problems just stay out a lap longer and you will find that the pit lane is empty and therfore you will be realesed straight away by the lollipop man.

      Stoke on Trent