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Dead Rising 3: Wish List

Now that Dead Rising 2 has arrived we wondered what our readers would like to see in Dead Rising 3, this sequel has been pretty much confirmed by Capcom’s Keiji Inafune, as long as Dead Rising 2’s sales figures are sufficient.

According to a recent VideoGamesBlogger article Capcom want Blue Castle Games to develop the next game, this is because they believe that they worked well together for Dead Rising 2 and overall it was a very positive experience.

A recent thread on GameSpot’s forums asks readers what environment they want the next game to take place in, the most popular idea seems to be an amusement park, however readers suggest that it needs to be pretty large.

Other popular suggestions include an airport, or perhaps a city/suburb. My favorite idea is to have it take place on a luxury cruise ship, this should allow you to battle it out in a range of environments, such as restaurants, the casino, bars and even on the ship’s deck, perhaps you could throw zombies into the ocean.

The luxury cruise ship idea has one major snag, how did so many zombies get onto the ship? I’m sure developers can come up with a far-fetched idea to explain this.

GameSpot’s readers also talk about the game’s main playable character, some readers want a more likable main character, someone else suggests that the main character should be female.

What would you like to see in Dead Rising 3? Do you think Blue Castle Games should develop it?



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