Dead Rising 3: Wish List

By Jamie Pert - Sep 28, 2010

Now that Dead Rising 2 has arrived we wondered what our readers would like to see in Dead Rising 3, this sequel has been pretty much confirmed by Capcom’s Keiji Inafune, as long as Dead Rising 2’s sales figures are sufficient.

According to a recent VideoGamesBlogger article Capcom want Blue Castle Games to develop the next game, this is because they believe that they worked well together for Dead Rising 2 and overall it was a very positive experience.

A recent thread on GameSpot’s forums asks readers what environment they want the next game to take place in, the most popular idea seems to be an amusement park, however readers suggest that it needs to be pretty large.

Other popular suggestions include an airport, or perhaps a city/suburb. My favorite idea is to have it take place on a luxury cruise ship, this should allow you to battle it out in a range of environments, such as restaurants, the casino, bars and even on the ship’s deck, perhaps you could throw zombies into the ocean.

The luxury cruise ship idea has one major snag, how did so many zombies get onto the ship? I’m sure developers can come up with a far-fetched idea to explain this.

GameSpot’s readers also talk about the game’s main playable character, some readers want a more likable main character, someone else suggests that the main character should be female.

What would you like to see in Dead Rising 3? Do you think Blue Castle Games should develop it?

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  • Juggalorydas423






  • Norm

    make Dead Rising Kinect with RV glasses
    also like the cruse ship idea i can think few ways for zombies
    like one of those wasp get let out, someone buy a living zombie and was being ship in cargo
    and thief open the wasp or drum (like return of living dead 2 think that one kids let it out)
    or infected person gets on and turns into zombie

    like another island zombie on let’s infect hawall lol

  • they should make it like the walking dead… it should be in a city, free roam, customized charaters, etc.

  • they should make it like the walking dead… it should be in a city, free roam, customized charaters, etc.

  • Lukegribble

    Vagas strip? With casios and think like that

  • Ryan Spotlin

    You should be able to pick your gender attributes speed strength agility so on.
    One should be able to selesct a backround such as soldier or nurse or even a cop or athlete.

  • Xbox 360 girl

    I've also been reading some of the other comments an agree that a free roam would be absolutely amazing!!!!!! Like gta iv, where u have phones an can ring each other!!! Amazing!!!! I'd love that! All my friends think so to!!!!!

  • Xbox 360 girl

    I really really want to be able to play as a girl in co-op, that would just make the game amazing!! And you can customise your online player!! And I think the new York setting would be amazing! Plenty of shops and hotels which could also have a fashion runway psycho!! Ohh and chuck and co-op characters cud be able to try on the dresses and stuf like that! That wud be the best game ever I wud never stop playing on it! Also keep the combo weapons in that's great I love that idea! Me and my friend have an obsession wiv dr2 lately, we are always on it and would love a sequel. I think the idea of being able to play as a girl really makes it better for the girls who play on the games like me for instance. And the co-op characters can interact wiv each other like arguing, kissing, etc… Well thanks for the opportunity to broadcast my opinion and preferences!! I really hope you atleast consider having a playable girl character in co-op! Preferably either like kristin Harris in dr2 or Doris's player model (outside the arena in silver strip from Texas who has to be re-united with the man outside the diner, I ink he's called chad? can't remember) I like her top and think she would be ideal! She's both beautiful has perfect boobs and an amazing fashion sense! But I would also love a gothical or emo or better a scene player model! And the game would be absolutely perfect! I would literally cry with joy if I saw my idea on the back of the box!!!!!!! I really hope someone important reads my idea and I appreciate it if it's to much to put in the game but thanks anyway!! and I wish u all the best of luck with your game and know it's going to be a great success!! Again thanks for everything

  • Josh

    I think that creating your own character would be really cool like a male or female ages from 18-50 and it should be set in a city mabey a bit like new york or los angles and depending on wether you choose a male or female the story could be diffrent like at the begging your character could be arriving in the city and there at a the airport and say for example the female character is 23 year old and is in the city to meet her boyfriends family and while at the familys house or on the way the zombie outbreak happens and you see loads of people running around and you and his family have to survive also you could go from place to place for example the suburbs to the city center or the airport and there are lots of people you can help and more crazy bosses like a 43 year old man looking for his son and is killing survivors trying to find his son but at the end his zombie son bites him also you can drive cars and lots more modern clothes to customise your character. sorry if any spelling is wrong

  • anoynumus

    i think a theme park loads of people sovinirer shops and able to use rides 2 hit peopel

  • Will

    all i can simply say is local co-op …

  • Taylor

    I believe the new character should be someone that has a story connected to both, like the first female character you play as who was a technician who was suppose to have shut down the mall as the outbreak started so that everyone will live, but obviously the shutters failed. And that she was a member of CURE, who thought her way through the zombies to get to the bunker, but got locked out where she was bitten. Now infected, her beliees were completely turned around and kills any zombies in her way. I believe that she should have already known Stacey and already has a bond with her. This allows an instant story between the, and also makes the character feel more responsible for Stacey and Katie. The character should be young with glasses, but allows the player to have coloured contact lenses to allow them to be more interactive with the character.

  • linus

    im thinking about new york and your one of those military soldier that escorts chuck and then the truck crashes into a building and chuck's leg got injured so you have to help him to a safe spot like a mart or something

  • Dylan

    oh and in canada

  • Dylan

    I would want a city cuz it would be cool to be walking around and nothing around then you see someone runing out of a house with zombies behind her or him and also not nowing what is around the corner and the thing with all the houses but mabe that is to much to ask for.

    • Norm

      like to city done that be cool
      they can have teams work on each section of city to make it
      and teams for vehicles, weapons and zombies
      and make it multi-player with spots on camera

  • christian

    i think the soldier idea is great and your the only one left but maybe if chuck and frank come together to fight the zombies in new york or somewhere big and more scary bits

  • quake

    i say put it back in willemet they didnt nuke it they killed all the zombies there i say u come back as chuck AND frank and u 2 go to willemet looking for isebella 2 help her find the cure and not just the mall but the whole city and more combo weapons like flaming maniquin head or or shurikens made from cds and scissors

  • Dave

    I would LOOOVE to play as a hot chick!

  • eric

    I think suburb is great same with zoo and airport i could imagine one of the missions being to find parts to fix a train which fast travels you. I wouldnt mind a mode that applies real life characteristics to the game like hunger and keeping recources plentiful for each survivor and having a horde of zombies attacking your base/safehouse. I think this would be a great multiplayer mode with 4+ players to make stuff much easier. Comment what you think of this.

  • ????

    i would like chuck green in this one again but with katy, stacy and frank to be on your side

  • scotty c

    i would love it if u can pick any location as a safe house place and keep anything u find in there even cars motor bikes so they can be acsesed easily

  • MRretro607

    a city is certianly a good idea so why dont they have dead rising 3 as a prequel to dead rising 1, because in dr1 an outbreak in santa cabeza (a city) was mentioned so why not have it there and it could explore carlitos backstory and maybe even brock's (the final boss). It would be cool if it had seperate stories that explored different people (sorta like heavy rain). And i would like to pilot a plane, helicopter or maybe just do some free running.

  • Brandon

    I think that it should be a big city and have a bigger map, more weapons, more survivors, more phsycos, more cars, etc.
    The main things I want are
    -Picking up either where DR2 left off or where DR2 Case WEST left off
    – Try to find the cure for the zombie virus, but in the mean time you have to deal with your character having to take zombrex aka Frank West, or having to give it to your daughter all the time aka Chuck Greene
    – Have 2 different storys. Chuck Greenes, or Frank Wests
    – Have more peope in online multiplayer
    – Bring back infinity mode but with a little bit of a story
    Just PLEASE continue the story where it left off

  • Guest

    to be honest i think the zombies should be alot faster like if you agree

  • Chuck Greene

    i think maybe you could customise your own character?
    and the military stuff is gettting a bit boring.. so maybe there should be a happy ending:)
    and the shopping malls are also a bit boring now so maybe say a cruise ship?
    i also like the sound of the plane crash.
    and the safe house could be the crashed plane with the survivors hiding in it!
    and the plane would crash in sime deserted island or something.

  • Rick

    How about a story WITHOUT the possibility of YOUR ONLY CHILD TURNING INTO A MONSTER?!?!

  • Nickman32

    I want my damn Mega Man suit and blaster back. After 53,594 kills that should carry over to every other Dead Rising game… "Oooh Ghouls and Ghosts armor" Get that mess outta here! wheres my Mega Blaster!?

  • Hal

    it should be without a time limit, or at least with a mode without time limit (not like infinity mode).

    as for location, I don't care 😉

  • Liamo

    I personally think a build mode would be good with limited money and you get more stuff and cash through the story mode. Choose terrain, shops, Food, weapons amd be able to play it and/or upload to Live. Plus I also add my backing to the city idea.

  • trotterpm

    a small village in england!

    I think that chuck was just a little too close to being a action hero, and not enough like an everyman. Thats why I liked frank better. And I was kinda disappointed that it was, at least partly, set up in a mall again. Its great for the "shopping aspec" I get that. but it could easily be replaced by just stealing stuff from peoples homes ect.

    2 was still a great game, but it was so similar to the first game in its setting. I was still in the willemete mall about half of the time.

    I will still get 3, no doubt, but if its in a dam mall again, ill will write a nasty letter.

  • Skinnygamer

    I believe the amusment park is a good idea, really what can't you find in a amusment park? Maybe possibly have a shopping center nearby? I also like the female main charecter idea. Put the female clothing from dead rising 1& 2 to good use.

  • Zay

    i think you need a gender choice and you can unlock sprint save clothes in a locker and put weapons in a safe and you can have a mode where if your bitten to death then you become a zombie yet every once in a while you can resist and isabella could eventually talk to you as a zombie and get you on there side and maybe even find a cure. also, custom weapon creator!

  • Zay

    How 'bout A simple (or complicated) terrain editor mode?

  • Steve Gershwin

    Also no hugely impossible achievements like the 5- or 7-day survivor achivements, or none that are dependent on you having a gold membership with XBL like TK's Favorite, Rising Star, or Win Big.

  • Steve Gershwin

    The cruise ship idea sounds awesome, but the casino thing has been done. And the mall thing has been done twice. Maybe in a quarantined city section? You get a myriad of places to go into. The only problem is that the game designers would have to explain why the character couldn't go into EVERY house and would have to make the streets different enough to be identifiable. But the story could be the good guy's effort to get out of the quarantine zone. Maybe a tourist area? Then again, you get back into the shopping thing with a tourist area. Failing this, maybe an island resort. It gives an easy way to divide the map up into different themes.

    The amusement park idea sounds awesome too.

    I'd love to see a female good guy this time.

    I'd also love to see a purely sandbox mode. After the main story mode, a mode where you can just endlessly go around killing zombies and saving limitless survivors. Something like Elder Scrolls IV: a huge map with endless gameplay. Don't know how they'd make the limitless survivor thing work since, at some point, they'll have to stop making up characters, but oh well.

  • Birdman

    They should have coop for offline to

  • Birdman

    Coop made dead rising 2

  • Birdman

    Maybe they should have chuck Greene and frank west meet turning into some cooperative thing

  • devin

    i think it should be in the deadrising 2 place then while chuck and katey are going stacey comes so there all three in like a forest then army trucks come so they go in them and meet some army dude and hes the main character then u get to drive the trucks soon u crash and end up in the city every one who was in the truck dies exept for the army dude so you do what allo the other ones did save survivors,fight phycos,and i think the time limit could be a bit longer also make him meet a girl and you can be offline co-op p.s make the girl be african thx 🙂

  • Zak

    I would like to see a character that is interactive with the zombies (Frank) yet one who is good at making combo weapons (Chuck) I don't care what the gender is.

  • John

    how about an average slightly athletic kid in school in a large city the phenotrans van containing queens crashes the city is cordoned off you run to see your family who are dead besides your dad/brother who is infected you get zombrex which is now a pemanant cure your dad/brother sends you on missions creating the starting case but the case develops as you explore the city culminating in a final battle in an arena, more guns but aim and strenght increase with level or zombies killed the ability to sprint enter houses and overall have many more zombies bringing back the gas zombies halfway through with apearances from Chuck greene, Frank West and Isabella

  • Jordan

    i think a museum would be awesome and to create the character to be able to select pants and shirt separately and to be able to take clothes you find and put them in a locker in your safehouse add those things and i would defiantly buy the game

  • chelsea boy

    I wish you could play as David Beckham but your trapped in the San Siro and you have to find weapons and survivors before the military saves you. the top floor of the stadium is your safe room

  • Chelsea Boy

    It should be like shaun of the dead in a small town

  • Gunsch70

    I think it would be great if there was a city like in one GTA game (a lot of cars/bikes or even a garbage truck ^^ and A LOT OF WEAPONS).
    I would also like to go into bigger buildings like a hospital with more than 2 floors.
    More time would also be a good improvement.
    and, of course, the amusement park-iea is very good

  • RyanRichie

    You should be able to play as survivors you've rescued with different skill sets, at least for sections.

  • JC

    I’d like to see a large town/small city kind of location, somewhere quite isolated, which gives the option for other choices such choosing whether to wait for rescue or try and escape though a vehicle etc. Base the vehicle on how how many survivors you’ve saved. Motorbike if you saved no one, up to a bus/coach for 50+. This kind of setting could allow for various locations (school,zoo,hospital) as well.

  • will-b-famous

    Id like a bit more custimation like saints row 2 where u can customise ur crip- in dr2 a safehouse like get machine guns and stuff. maybe a few less rapists, hippies or weirdos.

  • Michele

    I prefer in dead rising 3?
    The cimitery with house, The supermarket,The base military, laboratory, police station, Hospital, fireman station, resturant,cinema, boat, forest, place, bank.
    In more city: Rome, Paris,London, Madrid, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Dublin, Edimburg, Wien, Haiti, Rio de Janeiro.
    Prefer the person of the game resident evil: Chris Rephild, Jill Valantine, Barry Burtun, Albert Wester, Leon Kennith, Clear Rephild.

  • Moocow

    A suburb/town/city, with a CBD or Central Business District, where all the food and clothing shops are. I'd like to be able to walk down the street for once in the actual game, and barricade abandoned houses.
    An abandoned house as a "safe room" would be sweet. I'm sort of sick of crawling through an air duct.
    Oh, and a female protagonist for once. We've had two dudes; why can't there be a girl this time, even if it's a choice?

  • DeadRisingFan

    I think there should be 2 people, a male, & a female to choose from to play as, & the other character not chosen could be a computer player & then online you can choose which character you wanna be, so that the game appeals to both genders, i just asked my friend (who is a major dead rising fan) if he would buy dead rising 3 if the character was a girl & he said "heck no!" You should be able to combine ANYTHING in the maintanence rooms not just certain things like the laser sword that HAS to be made of a flashlight & gems. Also, i think that it should be harder to get bitten by a zombie, & if you do get bitten, you have to find some zombrex otherwise you get infected, & if you get infected, the game restarts from the last save, like normal when TK got away or Katey turned zombie. I also think that you can carry unlimited amounts of weapons/food/drink & the weapons dont break after being used alot. There should be some more physchopaths too 🙂

  • JKLSdjknz.fzkjj

    How about from carlitos point of view, deadrising: santa cabeza, it would sell

  • Of course, like in dead rising 1 and 2, a new main character. Like an ex-marine, or a convict. something new since Frank was a photographer and Chuck was in Motor Cross

  • Ali

    a mix between fallout where you can tell an apocalypse has happened and the huge map from fallout also, also different things like lockpicking skills and melee weapon skills and stuff like in fallout and for the lockpicking you like lockpick houses and cars etc. also GTA with the high amounts of cars and huge city with deiffernet weather effects and stuff and you could get in any cars or mortorbikes but you need a good lockpicking skill for certain cars and all the reallife physics like in gta and stuff. huge map nyc sounds good with different areas like amusment parks and shooping malls etc. also could try make it a bit scarier like at night time it goes really dark cos theres no electricity except for car headlights and stuff and a captivating story thats real emotional. and thousands upon thousands of zombies. multiplayer should also be like GTA where you can do free mode with loads of frends but have loads of zombies everywhere. also lots of weapons and alot more guns definately. please someone make this game many people will apreciate it 😀 oh and take away the time limit!

  • Jordan

    i think that the new main character should be franks son that would be cool cause you know frank and Isabella boned you just know

  • superzombiekiller

    how about a mall in ny outside of it there is a zoo and park you have 72 hours to find a way out befor the armay comes and nukes the city

  • myx

    Amusement Park would be lame. I mean, the Zombieland-Ripoff is painted all over it.
    Let's face it: Maybe it would be the best to develop something new instead of milking the cow until it dried completely out.
    Also, i don't know if i want a DR3.. the differences between 1 and 2 were way to few in my opinion. I don't like repetitism at all. Having to play DR2 through countless times is not quite the stuff i wanted.
    A little note to the crybabies "wääh, no more time limits and mwäääh i want to sprint like in gta4" … know what: you completely missed the point of the game. DR is NOT an arcade-action-game like dead nation or similar stuff. the DR-franchise stands for survival, not rapidfire. Get it. And stop whining.

  • Xavier

    I would like if it would be set in a desert or something a big village in desert something like that and lot more weapons 🙂 I hope it will come out

  • conditionals

    There's only 1 thing I want in Dead Rising 3: for them to keep the time limit. People don't understand how important it is to the game's mechanics.

  • RE Fan

    It would be cool if Leon S Kennedy was in DR3.And that you can choose a female or male character.

  • dr3

    the city definately you would beable to make the cars off death race or somthing it would be very fun

  • Neonoob W.C. III

    the environment could be different or like both of DR 1 And DR 2 put together or it could be a mall like in DR 1 but a lot bigger and more survivors and like a zoo/theme park in the middle where leisure park was and i know this might sound a little weird but like more RP elements like being able to choose the colour of the combo weapons not big stuff like the mall and stuffs but little things also taking survivors out of the safe house again and more weapons like a i dunno a foam gun it might not be serious but it would be fun seeing zombies slipping on foam and slamming their heads on the ground and it goes splat also why not make t like the reason why the outbreak happens why is it always for personal benefit in DR 1 Carlito wants revenge in DR 2 T.K. wants money hy not make it your in like a town where a parasitic larvae has fallen from the atmosphere because Carlito might on made 1 fly up in the sky in number 1 as he dies and it lays eggs and reproduces on people also like being able to release parasitic larvae on other survivors that could be an easy way to kill psychopaths turning them into zombies but then it could backfire and get one of your survivors and more hidden easter eggs like if you kill a certain zombie that's like in a hidden location or take a picture (if they bring photography back) of a certain thing and you get like a good powerful item. also the combo weapons should also be more like well umm simple like a waffle iron with some weights on the side you could clamp it on a zombies head and push the weights and it roasts there splattered blood also being able too cook food like in a blender but on a frying pan like meat with nectar makes only queen zombies come and eat it stuffs like that that's all i can really think of.

    Don't Judge Me Monkey

  • magft4chicken

    i think it should be a normal town like springfield oregon a casual town and you can go in and out of buildings and i was dissapointed that there was no split screen becuase alot of people dont have xbox live and you could just get in and out of cars no keys the combo weapons were awesome they should make more combos and the main character should be a traind perfesional F.B.I person and funnier clothes

  • Justin

    alot of great ideas here and can go with any one of them but what I have in mind is have both Frank and Chuck playable in DR3 and both of them have their own seperate cutscenes until they meet in the game. (sorta like Resident Evil 2, Leon/Claire thing) Same story with them but different or alternate scenes depending who you choose to play game as and aswell introduce a new female character who can also be playable and meets Frank/Chuck in the game. I hope you all can relate and understand what im trying to say here. Thanks for reading!

  • Muhammad Masood

    I still think that the Game should settle in a city still, but a proper city this time. Where one can literally go around intersections and roads. This has a great story to it as well. I think that people should support this idea. The Washington D.C. Idea, where you the military agent, strives towards W.D.C. and has 3 objectives,
    1) Hope for finding survivors

    2) Retrieving legal Documents from the White House Library

    3) Detonate the Bomb, in the heart of the city and escape.

  • Woggy

    the university campus one sounds like a amazing idea 😀

  • Uncle Noah

    Put DR3 on a university campus – it can be surrounded by agricultural fields or whatnot to keep the environment contained, but on the campus you'll have all sorts of buildings ranging from dorms to lecture halls to dining facilities to store fronts. There would be plenty of opportunities for various weapons as there would be engineering labs, chemistry labs, etc. as well as the groundskeeping tools for the campus and such, as well as cars in the parking lot, sports equipment in the gym and football stadium (tell me you wouldn't love being able to kick a field goal in there!)… it could have all the "city" elements, but in a relatively contained environment that could be very large without being infinitely sprawling.

    also, this would give lots of great opportunities for rescuing survivors ranging from freaked out coeds, thoughtful professors, stoners, nerds, neo hippies, etc. You could even get the marching band in there!

  • Ashley

    Cruise Ship dock at a "load station" outbreak happens while survivors are loading at the location like Texas or Mexico City : )

  • marck

    get both the dr1 and 2 main characters to come back and continue the story

  • Dominic B

    The main things they need to consider changing:
    -72 hour time limit (This time limit puts a burden on how a person can go about playing the game, however, it is a game of survival afterall.

    -Location!!! Mall and Casino like Mall (Pretty much the same ennvironment. It works, however, a big change is needed here and this is where the makers need to get creative. I think the game should be moved into a bigger area, like a city maybe.

    -Story!!! This kinda goes with the 72 hour mode thing. But the first two games shared an almost identical story. Zombie Outbreak. Survive until help arrives while figuring out what really happened kinda thing. It works, but again a change is needed. In my opinion they need to ditch the survive for a set time and be creative!

  • Dominic B

    They have to make big changes, but not take away from what the game is about. Example, the first two Bioshock games were a huge success and both took place under the sea. The same environment. Now they're are jumping out of the water into the sky. This is huge! This will and has gotten people excited about the series again. It's fresh because lets face it, who would want to play another one in the same place. NO ONE. They made the right decision.

    Same thing goes with Dead Rising. First two games very successful, but same environment. Overall, the same game. This was okay but the makers cannot afford to play it safe. They need to jump out of the water in the sky with something fresh and new. Something to get people excited again.

  • I believe it would be a blockbuster idea to have it, yet still set in the city environment, but a proper city this time. A story of which I think would be best :

    “In Canada, World leaders have settled a conference off the border of America. America has been shut-down from all sides, no entry, no exit. The U.S. / Canadian military has strictly barricaded the whole border. From 2007 up till now, all of America was swarming with the dead. The world leaders in the conference discussed on what should be done, whilst scientists were researching for a cure. It so happened that, it was agreed that America should be Nuclearized from the surface of the continent, so that no infected being could escape the country.

    Last Hope search teams were sent to different parts of America for a one last time exploration for any survivors. One of the search teams, of which was lead by Lt. John A. Lucas, had set coarse for Washington D.C.

    – 1) For hope of finding survivors

    – 2) Retrieving important documents from the White House library

    – 3) A Bomb to leave in the heart of the city, to detonate.

    In a Chopper, the team of 10 troops, are dropped off-side Washington D.C. In a small town, on top of the roof of a mall. They were to make their way by themselves all the way to the city. John Anderson, through the way encounters many people, and places. The city is this time, a real-scale city, where skyscrapers are towering you.

    As the team was dropped off with the bomb to carry, after a while from the beginning, the bomb accidentally initiated (meaning the countdown before the bomb explodes)a launch sequence. Leaving the soldiers, 72 hours, for finding survivors, retrieving documents, and escaping the city.

    3 days, 100, 000, 000 zombies, over 50 places to explore, countless items to discover, unknown number of survivors to save”

    I hope people support this idea, because I really think that this would be a great way to end the series. I forgot to mention, Chuck Greene, and Frank West most definitely will appear in the game, and I think that this would really reveal what a true experience it is to live in a world of chaos. There are many show-characters that will be in part of the game, many new moves and combos. A large variety of weapons, and items.

    (C) 2010, Friday, November 5th : Muhammad Hassan Masood

  • Wpete

    The next one needs a way to save weapons in your safe house. Im tired of toting around the best weapons for psychopaths and wasting a spot in my inventory.

  • Todd

    how about youre a soldier, you've been sent in with the rest of the army and the resuce fails, youre the only one left…

    washington or somewhere, and you could end up saving the president haha!

    just go crazy with ideas, i'm just looking forward to it!

  • TIR

    I would like to see it set in a mock Smithsonian Institute with a Madamme Tausards attatched.
    -Imagine zombies cracking out of their wax shells and celebrity faces around the character.
    -Our hero would be able to grab any type of historic weapon or costume.
    – Ability to fly planes and other vehicles in Aerospace section.
    – Zoo would let players ride Rhinos and Elephants, learn to train animals to fight zombies.
    -Aquarium where people could have free reign to swim with sharks and find new locations.
    – New Enemies, in the egyptian section, thousand year old mummies could become infected and ally with the zombie hoardes.
    – Vast array of art and sculpture to fight zombies.
    – Numerous games and activities, as would be seen in a real museam.
    -Restaurants and Cafes
    -Smaller Gift shops.
    -Large Gift shop

  • Chuck Greene

    things i want:
    No time limit
    No family you have to gve zombrex too.
    More emoction in the game the characters arn't really that easy to get attached too.
    A sort no hope feeling abit like dawn of the dead or 28 days/weeks later feel to the game.
    Also you can chose to take a surivor out with you against the zombies.

  • Spoon

    I think all the ideas are great, imagine it could be in a City like a big one incorporating all of the ideas Ie; School, Theme park, hoses apartments shopping malls.
    That is just one aspect though, try expanding the weapons i personally think that it should be HUGE, like a near endless supply of combination and weapons we can pick up. We could use a weapons to break a fence then enabling us to pick up a part of the fence.
    The Multiplayer should be expanded and try to add different people we could play as.
    Try to improve the time on missions and possibly work on a different mission type. Such as gather enough people to move to a place which isn't affected.
    Also add a free roam to the game where we can go around causing hell and killing zombies, which is fun for the co-op, but also add quests, and if people join the group we can cycle through the characters.
    I think focusing on the multiplayer will be the biggest thing. Where we can go around playing with team mates. Possibly a GTA style multiplayer.
    Mostly focus on the weapons and the long loading times and also the time between missions, and the surroundings. Make it a game to remember, and not to get bored when playing it, change the Single player and the multiplayer make it outrageous fun.
    I emphasise the weapons. I love a game where there are near endless weapons and combos for them i just never get bored of it, dont be scared to experiment like adding the weirdest things ever.
    If you want to discuss it further.
    PS make it for PS3.
    Add me PSN: DJ-TechnoMonkey

  • NathanRK

    Maybe it could be set in England along with parks, houses, shops ect

    • Bailey

      I would prefer a place in America where there is a lot of abandoned cars and hidden guns and stuff but also I'd like to be able to be your own avatar and start off with a baseball bat. Also I'd love to see more combo cards and more interactive features

  • Kenric

    Really? I have to say this? Female main character!

    • Jordan

      i dont think that would bode well with others

      • scotty c

        it would be fair if u can pick what gender u want for the character 🙂

  • without losing focus of what dead rising essentially is. its is a survival game. and they should keep the game open end…if not more open ended…kinda like everything you do effects the game and changes that out come…kinda like what fallout had. and i know the first game had that and the second does two but yea. and one thing. i would like to see in the 3rd game is no more escort missions or make them completely optional or be able to get the pp or items unlocked by it another way…or kinda let ppl play the game how they want or survive they're own way. like keep the time limit, like u have to survive a certain amount of days, but after that u can keep playing but its up to u how u evacuate the city or get out or survive the zombie apocalypse. and they should make the amount of zombie in the areas vary like there would be more zombies at a military base or the down town areas in large groups…and zombies in surburb/residential areas could exist in small to large groups depending on where in the city it is and how large the neighbor hood is. and in wood there would be 1 or 2 zombies…or small isolated groups of zombies….and even less in desert like areas but they should be on the verge of dying in the desert or very fratigue. and make it so zombies can walk under water…they can't swim but they'll sink… and be a danger if u swim to deep or don't go out far enough….or if u have a underwater secret or goodie or place to go. and maybe even have 2 or 3 moderate cities in it that are separated by variating land types and have different climates…ranging from warm or tropical, to , a dry sandy desert, jungle or forest, lakes, plains, swamps, tundras, icey snowy frigid places. and also give the ability to built structures and barriers and stuff like that. and have lots and lots of weapons and items of variating types….and lots of guns…have a gun store or abandoned military vehicles.. or w/e knife/sword shops or w/e. just lots of variating items and combinations you can create with them…or try to create. oh and make the ability to set up traps and stuff. and they're should be multiple ppl you could play as … and u could survive the apocalypse alone or in groups or ppl with variating personalities…or u could run into convicts or other ppl surviving the zombie epidemic. some who are willing to allie and help u out or ally with u and stab u in the back later….or be your enemy and steal from u or rob u or u could rob and kill them…and also they can become zombies if they are bitten…have the ability to loot or see others loot or come across places that are looted or not looted. have the ability to go inside buildings and if they are blocked off make your own way in…have hospitals that u can go to and get medical supplies and items u could use as weapons…just basically every type of place u could find in a city. Dead Rising 3 should just go all out i think….be risky make it bigger, better, more epic, just take it as far as they can..and not let themselves be limited or told no. have different weather conditions, and like they should be like somewhat comical …have puns, and parodied items of things from other video games or movies…especially other zombie movies…aswell as doing its own thing..have ancient weapons u can get from raiding a museum or sword shop along with swords. but thats just what i think they should do

  • personally i would like more goodies…and goodies that have already come should carried over to the 3rd game if they make it. or maybe in the 3rd ones you could unlike different skins entirely or just for shits and giggles after u beatin the game, you could see how long you could survive a zombie apocalypse playing as you favorite capcom characters. like Dante, nero, X, Zero, ryu, guile. or better yet since they are related if ur gonna put in gimmies from other games…how bout pull things from the resident evil series? like chris redfield, leon kennedy, chainsaw guy, ax guy, wesker, bella twins. nemesis, or maybe weapons or skins or outfits or different things form the series…have and umbrella logo in a few places, or the company that took its place. or have like one random zombie or a group of zombies that are in and area of the map that its not mandatory to go, be infected with the los plagas virus. or have the game have mode where instead as a human you have to survive as a zombie. personally i think they should put it in a made up location that kind of has multiple types of land and builings and so forth. a city would be interesting…cause you could kinda do all those things….you could have a marina or harbor where you can survive on a cruise ship or have an airport u can survive there. and steal planes and helicopters and stuff (i really don't care if that just made it sound like gta…..actually with zombies added it woulda been a lot more interesting of a game…and the way dead rising is set up it would work alot better and be funner). take the custimizing weapons and mixing items even further…like be able to equip and make zombie killing vehicles like in the dawn of the dead remake or land of the dead…you could even still have a mall, and restaurants…you could have your amusement park, even a casino, and clothing stores, town centers and outlets malls, residential areas, beaches, forest, mountains, hills, deserts, sand, quick sand, zombies, and zombie animals. you could even have a island way off the coast , and do the whole survival, man vs wild vs zombies things…and you could make everyone satisfied with the 3rd installment being in a whole city. and i can see where ppl come to think of dead rising having a more of a commercial like theme running through it that can't be taken out….and u could continue it like this….but, ive always felt that dead rising was more of a survival game…and i see it as a more of a comedy/horror type games not one over the other….which i would love to have a lot of scarey parts, along with, jokes and shits and giggles and not having the game take its self to serious. the biggest aspect and irreplacable theme in the dead rising is survival. the idea of commercialism is big and present and i get it that was the idea developed through having the game take place in a mall and then in a casino. but, they should be afraid to take the game in other directions as well…

  • definently an amusment park. I was thinking the park could be set in Hawaii(I know theirs none there except like seaworld) but I think that would be a good location change. Maybe your on a cruise ship to Hawaii and you take your kid to the park but a zombie outbreak happens. You may also want to set the park in Florida instead maybe during springbreak. You could have a bunch of zombie teens chasing you and throw beer kegs at them. Or if it was set in Hawaii you could use a zombie as a surfboard and enter a comp to earn pp.

  • josh

    I like the amusement park and the island, but in my opinion, i really really like the new york one, as in if you are in new york, of course there will be a zoo(new york has like the worlds largest zoo) and then maby an amusement park like on the side of the city, now were not talking about 72,000 zombies(DR2) im talkin like 5 million or 3 million would be more proper, seeing as its in New York and not just a mall, faverite thing on DR2 was the dirtbike chainsaw combo, so think of new york and what vehicles it would have, maby i ride down the street on my dirt bike, and bust a car door on this lambo and hot wire it and then ride out and locate a type of turret weopon, and use the signature ducktape to combo the two, that would be intense, or a monster truck, yaw get the idea, and the amount of weopons in NY, and making survivers follow you around and you can give them different outfits and guns and there will be alot of survivvors, the map doesn't obviously have to be as big as new york, but a real good size, like bigger than DR1 and DR2 put together, that sounds right. leme kno wut yaw think.

    P.s. i am sorry for the spelling, i am not in the right state of mind right now:)

  • austin

    I think it should be in a school

    • jklop

      yesw you are a genius thats wat i was thinking like that could be the first part and then you escape into the big city:))

      ps you are a frigginn genius

  • Bradderz

    THE ABLITY TO SPRINT, Like GTA for a short time fucking anoyying jogging everywhere…
    also weapons such as throwing knifes, a bigger gun veriety, all you have is a Pistol,Shotgun,Smg,assault rifle,Lmg and snipe.. there should be stuff like automatic shotguns such as the aa-12, or Glock 18's would be awesome.

    Other Game modes not just sotry and TIR, Like A Game mode there your in a apartment complex and you need to survive for aslong as you can with hordes of zombies chasing you,

    ALSO maybe a 1st person gamemode like The l4d series, would be alot scarier and funner then just 3rd person mode constantly.

  • jamey

    a cruise ship that at some point boards a strange island and u gett picked up by heli and it crahes in mall 3 settins 1 game

  • Nove

    Also, in dead rising there was the mega man cannon (cant remember the exact name right now) and in dead rising two there was tha god damn knight armor xD i want to see more than just one hidden goodie in the game. i wish there where cool hidden items throughout the game (kind of like how there was a bunch of hidden pp opurtunities) that i could just snag and goof around with even if theyre not like wicked good weapons. Id also want to be able to interact with certain survivors that i save and ask them to assist me or something and come out of the safe house. and finally, i think you guys had the right idea with infinity mode in dead rising but it wasnt necesarily applied correctly. After the games complete i wanna be able to run around like a maniac and do whatever while still being able to save progress and maybe special additions not in the other modes could be thrown in.

    I hope sombody important gets to read this and see what they can do,
    THANKS : )

    P.S. the cruiseline and amusement park arecool idea for a place. I cant really think of another place those are awesome ideas.

  • Nove

    Im going to be serious. I really liked chuck Greene as a character as well as the currency and pawnshops and combo weapons i really hope that if there is a sequel that those dont change. Some things that I'd wanna see is much more time between doing missions/jobs and just more time in general. Wether its tacking on another day or making the hours go by slower i just wish there was more to it (Though i did really enjoy the storyline).

  • josh

    The zoo idea is freaking brilliant,and add a little city next to it with a small airport,dr2 was amazing and hoping they come out with dr3 reallllyyyy sooooon

  • Erik

    A zoo goddamnit!
    I want to impale zombies on rhinos! Feed them to piranhas, alligators, lions, anacondas, you name it. I want to ride an elephant, have him pick up zombies and throw them at gorillas! Or whatever…
    I'm talking about a big zoo with lots of stores and stuff…

    On second thought, the whole animal gimmick might get tired soon.
    Maybe a cruise ship / aircraft carrier with a zoo / amusement park on it?

    Also, a female lead at this point is a great idea! Just make sure she looks strong enough to gut zombies. You know what I mean? A really athletic chick, like a soldier or a professional rock climber. Not some skinny wimp that can magically lift a sledge.

  • Mark

    Maybe a different spin would be to make it on a deserted island? You could have either a cruise ship crash there or a plan crash or both? Instead of the military arriving at end, rescue wud arrive? Also this could be similiar to what Metal Gear did w/snake eater. Since we've seen all the mall stuff done already twcie now, we could have the main character have only a survival knife and has to make "combo" weapons like spears out of wood. Snake helmet anyone?Ttraps for zombies to fall into ala PREDATOR, and have to fish for food or gather plants to make healing herbs. Snake Eater was a great move for the MG franchhise and I think DR would be wise to consider this.

  • Okku_Fusion

    An Amusement park seems like the next logical step. Like Dead Rising 2, DR3 can recieve a downloadable "Case" to bridge 2 and 3… This Case should be the Airport.
    The locations can simply grow from here, Amusement park, then small city/suburb, then Large city…

  • Lisa A.

    Why not have the game take place at an outlet? There's plenty of shopping and food involved.

  • Joey

    i think they should have the game start in an airplane that crashes down in the middle of new york or a deserted island and then the only survivors of the outbreak are the ones of the crash

    • Dave

      That sounds more like a dlc like case west.

  • AKs2787

    I like the airport idea. Like to take air trains around…

  • JK10987

    I say stick with an environment where there are plenty of restaurants, parks, and clothing stores. The game was built on the foundation of representing commercial culture. A mall and Las Vegas like environment was brilliant. I say the next one they should throw in should be something like NYC, the financial and commercial district; not to mention it the loads of zombies that could appear in the city due to its overwhelming populace. But definitely some place where shopping and eating is involved, otherwise it would take away from what the game is originally known for. My interests lies more with what kind of main character should the developers create? And storyline?

  • DD1313

    I agree with the suburb idea, it would be awesome to run through backyards and houses, maybe they could even throw in a city which you could travel to from the suburbs which has building and such.

  • I would like it to be set in a City/Suburb.. A little like Case Zero`s Still Creek, but a lot bigger..
    With houses etc you can examine and discover.. Some little more scary parts would be nice to.. Think of the I AM LEGEND movie… like a street where there are no zombies in sight, but who knows what is around the corner…Get what i mean?

    • joe

      I prefer the idea of an airport or something like that, a city or suburb sounds a little too open for me. Somewhere more enclosed is better. But wherever its set, I have some great ideas for new psychopaths 🙂

    • jklop

      they should have it at like a really big city and like you can go into schools and stuff like that also airport sounds good