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Dead Rising 2: Weapon Combo List – Your favorite?

In Dead Rising 2 you can combine weapons to create wicked combinations, now that the game has been released we thought we would get some feedback in regards to our reader’s favorite weapons combinations.

If you check out the Dead Rising 2 Wikia you can see a list of weapon combos, this list is a work-in-progress and currently incomplete, that said there are 50 for you to check out.

Before reading this list you should be aware that it is best to create combo once you have found the combo card, if you create a combo without the combo card you will receive a scratch card, but the weapon cannot perform its heavy attack, not only this but the weapon gains less prestige points from killing zombies.

Some of my favorites include combining a shotgun with a pitchfork to create the ‘Boomstick’, combining a bow and arrow with dynamite to create the ‘Blambow’ and combining an electric chair with an LMG or Merc assault rifle to create the ‘Blitzkrieg’.

Other popular combinations include the Exsanguinator, Driller, Fountain Lizard, Handychipper, Heliblade and the Super B.F.G, check out the source link below to find out how you can create these impressive weapon combos.

Which Dead Rising 2 weapon combos are your favorites?

Source: DeadRising2Wikia



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