Dead Rising 2: Weapon Combo List – Your favorite?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 28, 2010

In Dead Rising 2 you can combine weapons to create wicked combinations, now that the game has been released we thought we would get some feedback in regards to our reader’s favorite weapons combinations.

If you check out the Dead Rising 2 Wikia you can see a list of weapon combos, this list is a work-in-progress and currently incomplete, that said there are 50 for you to check out.

Before reading this list you should be aware that it is best to create combo once you have found the combo card, if you create a combo without the combo card you will receive a scratch card, but the weapon cannot perform its heavy attack, not only this but the weapon gains less prestige points from killing zombies.

Some of my favorites include combining a shotgun with a pitchfork to create the ‘Boomstick’, combining a bow and arrow with dynamite to create the ‘Blambow’ and combining an electric chair with an LMG or Merc assault rifle to create the ‘Blitzkrieg’.

Other popular combinations include the Exsanguinator, Driller, Fountain Lizard, Handychipper, Heliblade and the Super B.F.G, check out the source link below to find out how you can create these impressive weapon combos.

Which Dead Rising 2 weapon combos are your favorites?

Source: DeadRising2Wikia

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  • james

    blizenkirk i think wheel chair + battery = elietric chair then add gun and it becomes the best thing ever

    try it its awesome 🙂

  • lol123

    Rocket Launcher: Lead Pipe+Bottle Rockets :DDD

  • Zay

    Defiler tenderizers rocket launchers… oh hell everything!

  • collinparker

    machete tied to a push broom

  • ccc

    chainsaw + bat = home run

  • lukagun

    chuck sounds like steven hawkings

    • Zay

      I dont think he really does personally

  • Bobbierising

    Rocket launcher

    Fireworks + Lead pipe

  • Zombie

    MMA Gloves + Box of Nails !!! = Tenderizers !!

  • zer

    training sword and motor oil = infenal blade i think

  • chuck

    ok im at the part where you vs the twins at the night club what is the best weapon to kill them with

    • ryan

      shot gun there is one at the counter when u go in the hall way only kill one.

    • Shadowlawlz

      for all pyschos i use the broadsword from the entrance of one casino.

  • White–Hawk

    My favourites so far (beside the Spike Bat, of course):

    Laser Sword : Flashlight + Gems
    –Pro = Nice'n slicey!
    –Con = Slow primary animation.

    Plate Thrower : Cement Saw + Plates
    –Pro = Slice through multiple zombies! Great in corridors.
    –Con = Too big for inventory. 🙁

    Blambow : Bow + Dynamite
    –Pro = Area clearance tool of choice.
    –Con = Limited range for a bow.

    Hacker : Flashlight + Computer Case
    –Pro = Use on cash machines to get bigger cash drops.
    –Con = Don't bother using as a weapon.

    Still so much more to do… =DD

  • Bobsagget

    Wheelchair + lawnmower, forgot its name, but its hellas fun

  • the ralphy

    watergun + fire extinguisher

    fire the water gun once combined and it well freeze them and then they’ll shatter in pieces or u can hit them with anything and then they’ll break lol

    • rojin1808

      flame flower water gun+gas canester = flame flower awsome

  • Andrew

    Drill and the bucket

  • Balfeston

    best weapon is the light sword 😀

    Flashlight + Gems

    Excellent weapon 😀

  • Greg

    the Hacker – Flashlight, Computer case

    Tenderizers – MMA Gloves, Box of nails

    and my most favorite,….

    WINGMAN – queen wasp, nectar
    (secret combo card achivment)
    (to get it mix 2 orange juices at the bar in american casino in the blender to get a nectar mix drink, do this twice. drink one and catch the queen and then do the combo at a combo staition to get it youll get to do this later in the game)

  • Jake

    Flaming Gloves, Motor Oil+Boxing Gloves

    LG Motorcycle, LMG+Motorcycle

  • taylor

    my favs

    -tesla ball- car battery and bingo cage ball

    -the defiler-fire ax and sledge hammer

  • Joe

    Freedom Bear, LMG + Robot Bear
    It's soooo awesome!!

  • Teenacious

    my favorites are boxing gloves plus gasoline canister which make flaming gloves
    and training sword and box of nails which makes holy arms

  • Ludoc

    My two favs are:

    tesla ball: bingo ball cage + battery

    Plate launcher: plates + cement saw

  • Pylon + Spray Paint = Air Horn
    Lizard Mask + Fountain Firework = Fountain Lizard :))
    Lead Pipe + Firework = Rocket Launcher….

    Anyone have any good chainsaw ones yet???

  • dan

    spear and electric drill yay fun fun fun

  • evilfknROOSTER

    the bfg the pulse gun+amplifier only 15 shots or so, but still bad ass

    blam bow bow+ tnt

    spear launcher spear + leaf blower

  • dan

    the best easy to find one is the spike bat Baseball Bat + Box of Nails = spikebat

  • shadow

    the best weapon is the paddlesaw a paddle+chainsaw and the plate launcher 1 rocksaw+plates= the plate launcher

  • lawl

    definately the knife gloves. bowie knife+ boxing gloves


    dynameat. Dynamite+hunk of meat

  • deadcrawler

    bow & arrow+dynamite


    the electric chair battery+wheel chair lol and the freeze bomb, fire exingisher+dynomite