COD Black Ops: Zombie Mode Confirmed – GKNOVA6 Website Video

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2010

It looks as if Treyarch are finally ready to confirm zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops, as the company has just updated their Black Ops Viral webite, with a brand new video showing zombies.

This new video appears to be a teaser for an upcoming announcement, since the video mixes in zombie clips from World at War, as well as some new hints on a possible location and characters involved in the storyline.

During the video, we see a man being put into a chamber with a face mask on, which is then sealed up. The message on the door in Russian translates to ‘attention’, while further monitor screens on the video show various scientists trying to run away from the zombies.

It is a very clever clip by Treyarch, and together with the excellent but sinister music in the background, it is the perfect build up to a full reveal on zombie mode.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below. I’m sure you’re trying to work out clues from the video, as we are too. If you spot anything, leave us a comment below.

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  • Fallenn99

    Two things, First is pretty obvious but if no one noticed….. If you look on the left side theres a guy freaking out in what looks like a observation room (Possibly infeccted?)

    And the second thing is if you look in the upper left hand corner the numbers 12 and 6 flash once or twice, But it's hard to catch.

  • some guy commenting

    top left corner, above the tv's but below the operating lamp is an observation room with a person or zombie in it, half through the video the person/zombie is banging against the window.

  • WizBang

    Some of these statements are absurd. The first release of Black Ops that contain Zombie maps MUST BE uniform in all editions so people can link up and play regardless of how much they paid for it. Good to see people excited, but there are too many unfounded statements here. Then again, I could be wrong!

    (Wizz)WizBang75….I'll see you there!

  • Ryan

    Anyone hear about Zombie mode being available in only the Hardened Edition and Prestige…not the regular $59.99 game?

    • Vince

      That's what i heard too, friends are telling me to pre order hardened edition because of zombie mode… if anything i bet you they're going to make it a DLC… which we have to pay?

    • ewan wilkie

      not true zombies are in all 3 type of game tho in the hardend and prestige u get the 4 old maps from WAW only updated and bigger with new guns and perks on nacht der untoten -stuff like that

    • BlackshirtOgre

      I know the old maps are available in the hardened edition. The reason (i believe) is so that you can play the old maps with Black Ops in your console or computer. Easier than throwing in the W@W disc. Specifically, on the Black Ops Website…the said it was for "callback". I interpret for those who want to peice the story together with all of the clues and etc. they can do so without the aggravation of going to the old disc. With all of the extra teddy bear shooting end what not I am sure there are all types of Easter Eggs for the zombie conspiracy and storytelling via yuotube to grow. Great marketing tool for the nerds (not to be derogatory…myself included).

  • dave

    npc's in zombie mode? could be interesting?

  • daivd

    i hope they have new charcters that have on like gas mask and stuff

  • ajbarr

    I noticed that in one of the screens u can see like a pack a punch looking machine i wonder if thy brought the pack a punch back this is stresful ugh why do we hav to guess tell us already treyarch zombies? yes or no

  • Josh

    Nacht Der Untoten is too small for perk machines

  • HM Auxiliary

    If you look at the top middle screen you can see civilians that have been zombified and a solider panicking.

    Also on the bottom left screen,you can see a Spetsnaz or a SOG running down a hallway with a AK-47 and a gas mask killing un-zombified scientists (perhaps this is how the zombies get unleashed?)

    So I'm guessing you'll be swarmed by Nazi and Russki Zombies this time around.

  • That one mofo

    In my opinion, It's better to just wait and see. I can't wait what the new zombies will be. I've heard they will be doing some changes on the old map packs like putting the perks on Nacht Der Untoten, making another room for Der Reise. Don't know if it's true but it'll be cool if they do.

  • Mike

    does anyone recognize the uniforms the zombies are wearing?

  • ajbarr

    i’n the corner it looks like nikoli is back cause it looks like his back pack it kind of looks like nikoli idk

  • sammy

    in the bottom right tv u can see quick revive machine

  • Jerry

    Finally, they're back!

  • merv bhoy 1888

    at least we know for sure its there…they didnt want to give too much away

  • make the guns look more real