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Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies have Evolved says Treyarch

We have yet more information on the inclusion of the infamous Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops now, this time with some hints from Treyarch boss Mark Lamia himself.

As reported from CVG, Lamia has revealed that the zombies featured in Black Ops will be more intelligent than the beasts featured in previous game, World at War.

When speaking in an interview with Edge Magazine, he had this to say about Nazi Zombies:

“We continued to evolve [Nazi Zombies] after World At War – there was a dialogue going on with some of our hardcore community, and we were able to interact with the community and evolve – we did that with our zombie lore,”

Don’t forget that zombie mode has yet to be officially unveiled, so is that statement above a sign of defeat after everyone heard about zombies in the official strategy guide?

At least now we know it is definitely coming, we just need the official lowdown and a reveal trailer! We cant wait for it, Black Ops is going to take a lot of beating when it finally releases.

Let us know your thoughts on his statement. Don’t forget about our popular Zombie Mode ideas thread here, there are some fantastic ideas from you guys – check them out.



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