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BlackBerry PlayBook: Specs Missing?

There is no denying that the first day of RIM’s BlackBerry Developer Conference got of to a great start, mostly due to the announcement of the PlayBook. This tablet device is the Canadian smartphone maker’s attempt to get in on the lucrative tablet market that Apple has been enjoying with its iPad.

We gave details yesterday on some of the main specs of the PlayBook, but we did notice that some important details were missing. I thought I would visit the official website for the new device, again they are still missing.

We know that it will come with a dual-core 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, but we have no idea what brand of processor will be used. We also have no idea how much storage the device will have – if any. Research In Motion could decide to have all the storage on an external card.

One of the most important spec details has to be battery performance, again this is missing from the official specifications list on the BlackBerry website. What other specs would you like to know about?


  • lokienloki

    Its now here, It could be great


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