BlackBerry PlayBook: Price Expectations

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2010

We have reported on the key features of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned at the BlackBerry developer Conference was price. We have an article now, which suggests that RIM’s latest device won’t come cheap.

The article in question comes from Zdnet, who have stated that the BlackBerry Playbook may come in at $1000 or even higher. This may seem slightly outrageous to the average consumer, but don’t forget that the PlayBook features some specs which are not available in the market at the moment.

An example of this has to be the surprise inclusion of a dual-core CPU, consisting of two 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processors. This is a first for the tablet world, although this is expected to become more mainstream during the middle of 2011, according to Zdnet.

If you were thinking that the price would come in alongside the iPad to compete, think again. The Playbook comes with 2 HD cameras: a 5MP on the back, and a 3MP on the front with both having support for 1080p Video Recording – In a word, impressive.

The spec-heavy PlayBook warrants a much higher price than the iPad, so don’t be too surprised when RIM slap a $1000-1300 price tag on their new device.

What are your pricing expectations for the BlackBerry PlayBook?

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  • Amanda

    My BB PB is a 64 GB, and we got it a year ago. It cost $400. Don’t worry, these things come cheap.



  • Aditya

    if it sells for 500$the base variant my organization will be buying 40000 pieces for our employees
    if it sells at 1000$ my organization will be buying about 5000 pieces [only for team leaders]
    so that is the break up i would expect in other organizations as well

  • johnny stanfet

    i'll wait for iPad 2. apple and blackberry have the same idea, but in terms of apps, Apple wins, in terms of speed blackberry wins. playbook is a killer tablet for ipad, but apple will fight back with ipad 2.

  • Polkie

    I can pay $800 at the most with all the top-end features. Spending even $805 looks very ridiculous to me. 🙂

  • ManhattanWay

    I won’t pay more then $800

  • Carlo

    I live in uk and top ipad is £699.So i would not be prepared to pay no more than £450 for top model.
    If bb want to sell this product they must under cut ipad.It will not long before ipad 2 appears in shops.

  • DOnk

    Well, there should be a couple versions varying from $500 to $1000+. I would love one, however $1000 is quite a steep price.

  • Simon Bannister

    Well I hope they are not as much as I have seen elsewhere! $1000 -$ 1300 I have committed to giving one away @

  • lywilla

    The price will one because unlike ipod where you have to pay a changing amount because you can't add micro disc. Read the specs you can upgrade the memory yourself by buying a higher disc. That is why I love my 9700 bold. Plus I can tether it to my phone to download on
    att 3g or use wireless.

  • Carol g

    Wow price is high. Should have a phone in that book somehow. And maybe it will clean my house as well. However, with that being said, it seems to be the coolest one out there right now. The cameras are surely a huge plus for me. $1000 can’t do it. I want to purchase several for different family members so I guess that’s not going to happen.

  • yoyuos

    I think people will be very surprised on how affordable this playbook will cost. I would put my money around the same cost of an IPAD but you get better specs.

  • itsmillertime65

    The Playbook WILL NOT cost $1000! RIM knows that there is already some fierce competition in the tablet market with the iPad, HP Slate, Galaxy Tab, and Dell Streak just to name a few. None of which cost anywhere close to $1000. RIM realizes that in order to have a successful gadget the price has to be competitive regardless of the hardware upgrade the device may have over it’s competitors. You might expect the PlayBook to be a little bit more expensive than the competition, due to the dual core 1GHz processors mainly, but remember that it has a smaller screen as well. Expect it to cost between $550 and $850 depending on the version/amount of memory.

  • parrthmalik

    600 to 800 dollars

  • Carlota

    What!!!!!! $1000… You are crazy. The most i would pay $450 including taxes. If it so happens that $1000 is the price of the bb playbook. I'll continue to use my android until the price is reasonable. There is always a new gaget that we must have. Next year they'll come out with bb playbook 2 and the value of the origianl playbook will drop.

  • vikram

    2 much a price to pay for in the go with i pad i would just pay 580$

  • jeff

    Anyone that says that 1000 will kill this thing is completely correct. You can't justify that price… Yes it may have some things that aren't available now, but the playbook isn't released yet, and by the time it is released I bet you that it will be even or if not surpassed by its competitors.

  • David

    I think $1000 will kill this thing. You could buy a pretty nice laptop PC or heck, even a Macbook Pro for that price. I think if RIM positions this just a little above the iPad, they will have a winner. I'm a Mac guy but this device looks very impressive based on the specs.

  • jeff

    I would pay a little more than the ipad but not much more!

  • jim

    ther syain it'll cost 300-500

  • ooo

    i would pay 500$

  • teckgeek

    i used to buy all the teck but really they all do the same thing just packaged differently. look at the ipad, why is it different to an ipod touch? there isnt really much apart from the screen size. so a bit of extra glass and metal is going to cost mega bucks… no wonder im selling all my teck off… made $1500 this week alone

  • Lingam

    Apple will come up with New IPAD Device in 3 months time to compete with PlayBook

    • teckgeek

      they got one coming out next year with a smaller screen, i think its 7.9"

      • Bob


  • Dylan

    even though it does have the fancy hardware they it will not be able to us the blackberry apps so they will have to start over

    • Dimytri

      Not necessarily true … RIM announced that the PlayBook will be able to emulate everything on your phone and will be able to utilize all of the same apps. How they are accomplishing this is a mystery so far, but I can envision a few ways. For instance, the QNX OS could potentially have a native Blackberry OS emulator without difficulty or load issues. This is particularly likely when we consider that the PlayBook (again) is going to ahve the ability to emulate everything on your phone.

      Even if (in the unlikely event) it does not have the ability to run Blackberry Apps, the reality is that QNX is a UNIX derivative, so apps will be plentiful: most apps that runs on UNIX or Linux should work just fine.

  • guest77

    the price may be high, but it has extra hardare, features and capabilities the IPAD does not…

    • Erick

      By the time the PlayBook actually gets to market, the iPad will already be a year old. You are comparing prices and features between a year-old model and something that doesn't even exist yet?

  • lokienloki

    Hate to see this one become a vaporware after 2 months

  • Heather

    In todays economy the only way these gadgets guys are going to compete is by having a low price point. A lot of us techy people that love to have the new technology are just not budging on new equipment unless the price is right. You are a fool if you are spending tons of money on this stuff right now.

  • Domi

    I'd pay $650 tops… What's the battery life? (probably less than an ipad… )

    • Karim

      If you know your phones then BlackBerry bat life>>>>>>>>>> Iphone…….

    • Greg

      Apple has always had lousy battery life

    • Robin

      And not like Cool as the Apple IPad.

  • Juras

    i would pay 800$ for this gadget :)) its über cool 🙂

    • genki

      under $500.00