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BlackBerry PlayBook: Price Expectations

We have reported on the key features of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned at the BlackBerry developer Conference was price. We have an article now, which suggests that RIM’s latest device won’t come cheap.

The article in question comes from Zdnet, who have stated that the BlackBerry Playbook may come in at $1000 or even higher. This may seem slightly outrageous to the average consumer, but don’t forget that the PlayBook features some specs which are not available in the market at the moment.

An example of this has to be the surprise inclusion of a dual-core CPU, consisting of two 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processors. This is a first for the tablet world, although this is expected to become more mainstream during the middle of 2011, according to Zdnet.

If you were thinking that the price would come in alongside the iPad to compete, think again. The Playbook comes with 2 HD cameras: a 5MP on the back, and a 3MP on the front with both having support for 1080p Video Recording – In a word, impressive.

The spec-heavy PlayBook warrants a much higher price than the iPad, so don’t be too surprised when RIM slap a $1000-1300 price tag on their new device.

What are your pricing expectations for the BlackBerry PlayBook?



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