BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: Kindle Already

By Peter Chubb - Sep 28, 2010

While watching a live blog of the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference I was shocked for two reasons. The first was the announcement of the PlayBook tablet device, and the second was that a Kindle app had also been announced.

Most of you with a BlackBerry smartphone will know that a Kindle app is already available, offering you access to online books from Amazon. So once owners have the PlayBook in their hands in the early part of 2011, they will have instant access to Kindle books like iPad users currently enjoy.

According to Paul Miller from Engadget, he reports that the Kindle app for RIM’s PlayBook will be free, as it is on other devices. Once the app has been downloaded and installed users will have access to over 700,000 books – beat that iBooks.

We agree that some of the books from the Kindle Store can be on the expensive side, but how nice is it to have a digital library of your collection? Will the Kindle be one of the first apps that you download on PlayBook?

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