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BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories: HDMI media and keyboard dock?

It was great to see RIM keep us guessing until the end, but they finally announced their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device – seems they can keep secrets better than Apple these days. We have discussed a number of aspects about the device, such as specs, release date and the OS, but now we need to focus on what accessories will be available.

Over at SlashGear, Chris Davies has been looking at the connector on the PlayBook and believes that we could see a HDMI media and keyboard dock. He also points out that not having a keyboard on such a device will be a strange concept to Research In Motion, yes they have the Storm with its SurePress technology – and we all know how bad that is.

The idea of having a 7-inch touchscreen BlackBerry device with the possibility of a full QWERTY keyboard is a concept that will go down well in board meetings. We all know that the PlayBook will have the enterprise user in mind, so what accessories would they like to see?

There are a number of accessories available for the Apple iPad, and as the BlackBerry PlayBook will also have Bluetooth connectivity, you can expect much of the same.

What accessories would you like to see?



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