Windows 7 Starter Edition: Netbook Performance

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

For those of you who felt the urge to upgrade their Netbook from Windows XP to Windows 7 Starter Edition; then you had best think again. The reason why I say this is due to the fact that your small laptop device will suffer from performance issues from the start.

One person found this out the hard way, when Moley from ZDNet felt the need to upgrade his Samsung N150 Plus netbook. He knew right away that he was in for a rough ride because of how long it took to set it up. The reason for this was due to the amount of slow restarts during the install process.

It has been said that running Windows 7 Home Premium on a netbook makes the machine run faster than it would with the Starter edition, which I certainly find strange.

Having said that, the main issue is with the hardware that comes installed on most netbooks. We all know that the standard specs for a netbook is a small hard drive and just 1GB of RAM – not enough to even run Norton’s most of the time. I feel that the Windows 7 Starter Edition would work fine if these computer makers would allow netbooks to evolve much faster, as they have not changed much in the few years that they have been on the market.

Having said that, the smaller version of the laptop looks to be a dying breed with the range of new tablet devices that are about to hit the market.

Do you think that the netbook has had their day?

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  • Rana

    Hi. Starter reads 4G RAM but works with 2G only. I have i5. How to improve?

  • Fireleen

    I upgraded my little Sony VPC netbook from Starter to 7 Home Premium, and upgraded the RAM to 2G. Works great! Now…..I also have a beauty from HP – it's a designer edition HP mini 110 Tord Boontje edition, and it's loaded with beautiful theme aspects like pretty folders, headers, backgrounds and screensavers. IF I upgrade this one from Starter to 7 Home Premium, is it going to affect the beautiful theme? I definitely don't want to lose that. Thanks!

  • Adam

    I run 7 Starter on a Toshiba NB205 with 1G of RAM and it runs amazingly smooth. Of course, you pretty much have to use only a couple apps at the same time due to RAM limitation. I'd actually say it runs better than XP and much better than any Linux distro I have tried (Ubuntu for notebooks, Jolycloud, Linux Mint). There are few additional tweaks to be done too and I'm going to install a small SSD in it too and bring the RAM up to 2GB.

  • Keith

    Partition Hard drive for Win7 on 2nd partition NTFS format
    that way its auto dual-Boot to Test Windows7 first without loosing XP
    Aspire One 9" display installed Ultimate Version as its Biggest requirements
    8.4gb in use by Win7 Ultimate, Intel Atom 1.60ghz cpu + 1.00gb ram
    running with 400mb free,1024×600 res, auto hide taskbar helps with browser display
    Performance Test 142 Win7 & 152 XP home is close,
    its 2d Graphice big difference, 40 win7 against 114 Xp
    Maybe Intel has Win7 better graphics driver now,
    retired techie keith

  • Tom G.

    Nearly a year ago, I got a Gateway LT31 netbook — 2 GB RAM. After running the pre-installed version of Vista for a few days, I got fed up and I wiped the disk and installed Windows 7 Professional (plus Ubuntu in a dual-boot configuration). Compute-intensive activities are a bit sluggish, but performance for general work (office apps, e-mail, web surfing) is acceptable, and I've had absolutely no issues.

  • Dave O

    Put Windows 7 Professional on my ASUS EeePC 1005HA, been running for almost a year now. No issues. I do keep a 2GB SD Card in running as ReadyBoost which speeds things up considerably.

  • Alan Wyant

    I bought an E-machine netbook that had windows XP on it. It came with 1 gig of ram. I had problems with it locking up on me. I added an xtra gig of ram but had the same problem. I upgraded it to windows 7 premium and have had no problems. I did have to go out and update my camera driver but since then it works like a champ.

  • Alan

    Put Windows 7 Ultimate on my ASUS EeePC 1005HAB, 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive. It runs fine and better than XP did. Only issue I have is the screen resolution. XP somehow allowed me to "fudge" 1024X768, with WIndows 7 I can only get 1024X600, an issue for some software.

  • Steve

    I have the original Acer Aspire One. It came with 1 gb of ram, but I upgraded it to 1.5 gb (which required a lot of work unfortunately…they could've done better on this one). It runs better than XP. I did have to upgrade the touchpad driver. (Win 7 kept having problems with the XP driver.) But once I did that, it's been great.

  • Jim M.

    I installed Win7 Prem Home in a Gateway with a n450 chip. Went up to 2gb ram & have not had any problems, just slow to boot up. Added a SSD but that didn't help because the processor is so slow. I like the extra features of Premium Home, but think to get any noticeable difference you need to go up to a Centrino or dual core chip. I gave it to my granddaughter & got a faster processor. She is 10 years old & loves it plus battery time is great on the smaller processor.

  • TheGooch

    I moved overseas and bought a Netbook for $200 so I would at least have a computer. I am amazed that I handles everything I throw at it except for video editing ( which is can do, just slowly ) with out any problems. Its even an old Celeron CPU and still performs exceedingly well. Some pluses are the small size to make it portable and its flexibility. I can plug it into my home stereo and flatscreen TV, run Airmouse on it, and use it like a media center computer. PS this is Windows 7. Minuses are it does not have External SATA, screen size is small( but larger would not be portable ), and battery life is meh, just like my iPhone. 😛

  • Paul Reynolds

    Upgrade the RAM and they run fine…….

  • Sam

    I have windows 7 home edition on my Netbook and it is running great. But then, it has a dual core processor and 3 gig of ram. But, on my previous netbook, I found that Windows Starter was fine when I upgraded the ram to 2 gig. So, I guess what I am saying is, is that there is still life to be had in Netbooks.