Unlock iPhone 4: GreenPois0n Jailbreak can fix 5.14.02 baseband problems

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2010

It has come to our attention that many of you are encountering problems after updating your iPhone 4 device to a higher version, and then becoming stuck on the newer baseband when having downgraded.

A solution to this problem isn’t available yet as you can’t unlock baseband 5.14.02, but you should be able to unlock it once GreenPois0n becomes available.

GreenPois0n if you didn’t know, is the upcoming jailbreaking tool for iOS 4.1 devices and is expected to be available very soon. The latest update on it, is that the iPhone Dev Team are saying that GreenPois0n will be available before Apple officially updates to iOS 4.2 – which shouldn’t be too long away.

For the moment though, those of you stuck on baseband 5.14.02 will have to hang tight until GreenPois0n releases – unless you have found an alternative method which works of course.

Are you stuck on this baseband?

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  • jinfreak

    mr.geohot help us!!please im from japan..onegaishimasu

  • jinfreak

    please help us to escape to this 5.14.02…i dont like ipad baseband!!!anyone iphone hacker…

  • sumit

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKXXZ3HKp14 this is the solution for unlock. its 100% working .This tutorial is for unlocking of iphone with baseband 5.14.xx

  • jhon
  • cliffstrails

    device: iphone 3g
    bb. 6.5 (upgraded from 5.14.02)
    firmware: 4.2.1 (from 3.2 to 4.0 to 4.1)
    carrier: tMobile (from AT&T)
    ios upgrade tool used: Tinyumbrella
    jailbreak tool used: redsnow
    Unlock app used: ultrasnow
    wait time for the unlock tool: 2 weeks (finally came out on November 28)
    unlock process upgrade/jailbreak/completed: November 28
    device status: WORKING!
    message: THANK YOU, DEV TEAM!

    • eXperience

      how ? my redsn0w freeze on "waiting for reboot"

  • Alex

    this is fucking gay..i give up. no unlock is ever coming out. time for a new phone.

  • evilbeast3

    Sharrif has successfully Unlocked baseband 5.14.02(3g/3gs) & 2.10.4(iPhone 4), The hackers are just waiting for the iOS 4.2 to be released so that apple can't patch the exploit in the4 4.2 Firmware.

    I'm sure most of you with the dumb questions jailbroke your phones and never thought to donate to the Dev Team or Geohot, but you all want to pressure them and rush them to get an unlock out for you or ask if you will be able to unlock your phone
    I can asure you the Unlock is on its way.

  • MattRub

    The only way to unlock/downgrade the baseband is to do a hardware modification by replacing the digital chip that controls baseband. I'm on the verge of mailing my iphone to have it done!

  • brandon

    what the heck!!!! are you serious!!!

  • qazwaz


  • MHB

    pleas, let me now if anyone now the exact release date of the unlock of 5.14.02 BB!!!.thanks

    • ulTRamaN

      I think it's NOVEMBER on the next year!

      • mido

        its upgrading with ultrasnow 1.1-2 it will be released couple of days

  • hey

    any news for 5.14.02 unlock date?

  • sonni

    need that unlock for baseband 5.14 for iphone 3G released soon :'(

  • Bijju

    wanna unlock iphone 3G baseband 05.14.02 which has been jailbroken using jailbreakme….i m eagerly waiting for greenp0ison….

  • fred

    limer1n works fine with 05.14.02 for jailbreak. The problem is unlocking for now. I tried ultrasn0 and it killed all service so I had to do a complete iTunes restore which takes 20-30 minutes. Plus I had to re-jailbreak the phone.

    • Glen

      Just uninstall ultrasn0w through Cydia. Takes two seconds.

      • sabina

        i did both and still no service, any help? 3gs with bb 5.14.02

  • Mohamed A.Karim

    I'm still waiting as well, and of course as I'm not going to live without a phone, I had to buy another one, I bought BlackBerry bold 9700. Comparing to iPhone, the usability is sucks! But at least it works as I want when I want and no body is sharing me in my own mobile.

  • MrAho

    Is jailbreak for os 4.1 with baseband 5.14.02 even available ? I’m starting to hate apple if this keeps on… Might as well go for Android/Blackberry . At least I’ll get the freedom I want , LOL =P

  • dino

    Looks like greenpois0n is delayed for some more time. These are the comments posted by ChronicDevTeam today on their website " We are making the responsible decision as suggested by @MuscleNerd and @comex to delay greenpois0n while we implement the limera1n exploit. " .. Lets wait for couple of days til we get a fix for bb 5.14.02 unlock.

  • o-black

    nope…limera1n was supposed to be made by Geohot but he quit the jailbreaking game since…well…a while ago..

  • mike

    what about limera1n i head its like the old blackra1n both jb and unlock thats sposta be comming out soon too

  • iphonerahul

    on iphone 4 4.0.2 and baseband 1.59.00 , i think ultrasnow in its current state should allow the unlock post the 4.1 jb if I can upgrade to 4.1 while retaining my baseband..

    • Don't use the stock ipsw. You'll have to use a custom one from PwnageTool when it's released.

      • iphonerahul

        Also an option should be to use tinyumbrella to retain baseband right?

  • anneramos

    I have iphone 3g with 5.14.02 and I used it as an itouch because i can't unlock it 🙁 hoping for the unlock for that firmware

  • Zeppelinjack

    Remind me when unlock arrives.Not for me,,,, i am still on 3.1.3….dont like 4.0
    but for my friend.His girlfriend pushed a button,the ONEANDONLY UPDATE Button….yeah…..I can only sing Girls,girls,girl….hehe
    But its ok.While he is waiting for the unlock his iphone is here and i play games with my son…hhehehhe.somebody got nice multiplayer games?zeppelinjack@hotmail.com

  • Ashley

    I stupidly updated to 4.1 as well, and I am now stuck at 05.14.02. You can down grade back to 3.1 to jailbreak, but can't unlock. Will there be a way to unlock after greenpois0n is released?

    • No exploit has been found yet :/ and apparently the exploits are becoming extremely rare…

  • Steve

    Is the iPod portion working with the latest baseband? Haha

    • riya

      mine doesnt work… i dunno what to do

  • MystiKal

    Yeah. Still locked on the BB 5.14.02. Though greenpois0n wont unlock any phone. But since there can be no unlock without JB. So its worth waiting for. Who knows the dev team might make an unlock after greenpois0n.

  • Zach

    Be happy you guys atleast got to enjoy using the device for a bit. I acquired mine from my dad after he got the 4G and it was already updated so it's been useless since even before it was in my possession.

    • Elijah

      I'm with you on that one. My partner got the iphone 4, gave me his old, but mint condition, 3G and it's been a glorified touch ever since.

      Got my sim card and everything waiting until the unlock comes out.

      • 3G + 4.x multitasking +jailbreak = slow!!!!

        • Viva

          Yep, I did the EXACT same thing as you, Zach.
          All I've used it for is games -__-

  • kml

    Yep also stuck on 5.14 and starting to have a prob with apple because of other things not because of the baseband wich is my on fault for not checking before upgrading… I also observed the battery issue , it seems to be depleting waaaaaay faster after the update to 4.1 and bb 5.14

  • Mikey

    Greenpois0n is a jailbreak not an unlock.. go read dev-blogs website there is a new update today about SHAtter…

  • Chris

    I'm stuck like chuck…… Hey at least the ios 4.1 moves pretty quick on my 3g. That's something to brighten my day. I'm stuck using my T-Mobile Dash until this unlock is available. It's my own fault for not making sure there was an unlock before I upgraded. My wife laughed at me and told me not to go near her iphone. Hahaha!

    • ren

      hahaha same thing with my husband, now I am the one laughing at him…

    • erika

      did you find a way to unlock it? i have the same problem

  • Rajasekharan

    yes. I had upgraded to 4.1 with baseband 5.14.02. Then did a downgrade to 4.0 and stuck at baseband 5.14.02 itself. Waiting patiently.

  • Danny

    This baseband causes my battery to deplete at 1% every 2 mins that the phone is in use with 3G or wifi, and by 20% every 4 hours standby

  • ted

    have been apple fan since 90, starting to hate it now …

  • rie

    yep..still stuck on 5.14.02 baseband..waiting..& waiting for greenpois0n..

    • ihackalot101

      greenpois0m will not give you an unlock!!! maybe ultrasn0w will update to work with that baseband but don't count on it coming out with greenpois0n.

      • badbubba

        THey will they will do us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cmon Ultrasnow i need it via Cydia for latest baseband.

    • The unlock exploit hasn't even been found yet and to quote iH8sn0w: "Just so everyone knows, since 3.1.x, baseband crashes that are actually usable are extremely rare."
      This whole article should be either rewritten or removed 😛

    • DIRCE


    • badbubba

      me 22222222222222222222 plz hurry i miss me fone :((((((