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Unlock iPhone 4: GreenPois0n Jailbreak can fix 5.14.02 baseband problems

It has come to our attention that many of you are encountering problems after updating your iPhone 4 device to a higher version, and then becoming stuck on the newer baseband when having downgraded.

A solution to this problem isn’t available yet as you can’t unlock baseband 5.14.02, but you should be able to unlock it once GreenPois0n becomes available.

GreenPois0n if you didn’t know, is the upcoming jailbreaking tool for iOS 4.1 devices and is expected to be available very soon. The latest update on it, is that the iPhone Dev Team are saying that GreenPois0n will be available before Apple officially updates to iOS 4.2 – which shouldn’t be too long away.

For the moment though, those of you stuck on baseband 5.14.02 will have to hang tight until GreenPois0n releases – unless you have found an alternative method which works of course.

Are you stuck on this baseband?

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