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T-Mobile G2: Will you buy on release date?

Recently we revealed that T-Mobile USA were taking pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2, its predecessor was the G1 which was the first-ever smartphone to be released running Google Android.

Since the G1’s October 2008 release Google Android has attracted more and more smartphone manufacturers, now it is the fastest growing mobile OS out there, and regarded by many as the biggest rival to Apple iOS.

The huge growth has meant that some of today’s most impressive smartphones out there run Android, such as the HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S.

The G2’s specs are impressive, but not mind blowing, therefore I doubt it will become too popular, however seeing as how some people are still happily using the G1 I am sure some loyal customers will upgrade to the G2.

We would appreciate your feedback on this matter, therefore feel free answer any of the following questions in the comments section below. Will you buy the T-Mobile G2? If so, why are you choosing this smartphone? If not, what smartphone will you buy instead?


  • tadpolebuckshot

    Maybe Jaime should do more than glance at the specs before he passes judgement.

  • mikeeeee

    i'm waiting to see if it drops with UMA or not. that's the deal breaker for me.

  • Nerf

    I am not getting it simply for two reasons. The G2 will run Stock Android 2.2 and it will not feature HTC Sense.

  • palmbeachusedcars

    I will NOT buy it because it only has 4 rows of keys instead of 5 which slows typing. I am very disappointed that the G2 will be slow to use compared to the G1. I am sorry to see this regression. I enter a lot of numbers and do not wish to be encumbered. I will instead continue to use my G1 (despite flaky touch screen) until an Android phone with 5 rows of keys appears.

  • ****

    I'm definitely getting it!!!

  • Al.

    I'm in the same boat as the poster above. Still using the G1 and still pretty happy with it. However it came time to upgrade and what can be better than upgrading to a phone which is essentially what I grew to love (Android, QWERTY Keyboard, etc) but is much faster and supports a faster network which is available in my area. Its a Win Win for me. (and its a win for tmobile)

  • Kelley

    I pre-ordered mine the day it was available. I’m one of those still hanging onto my G1. Nothing has come out from Tmobile that I’ve liked as much. So when I saw the G2, I was so stoked. Will it be as amazing as some of the other smartphones? Probably not, but I still love my G1 and I’m sure I’ll love the G2 even more.

  • I'm getting it not only because I've been with Tmo forever and they give me a big discount on my 2 lines. I also have the rooted G1 running 2.1 and it still does what all of these new phones do(besides front facing cam and flash). Running on the faster speed HSPA and the new processor make it a winner for me. I still love a keyboard, especially since Google docs will have editing on Android. It was get this one or wait for the MytouchHD which I know little about. I just cant wait. I've pre-ordered and have received a message saying that it is being processed so I expect an arrival before Oct 6th.

  • robert

    I will compare T-Mo G2 and Galaxy S and choose between the two.

  • William

    I’m getting it because it’s the best phone with the service that I want. I can have a relatively cheap plan with no contract and with the equipment plan they have, I just put down $61 and pay $25 a month and I get the phone without commitment. It also has it’s own updated video processor as well as regular processor which out performs many of the devices out there. I don’t see a need for front facing cameras as I hardly see a use for it and the keyboard is excellent for older fashioned people like me who like a physical keyboard to access. I could go on about many things more but I just feel this is the best phone to bring me out of my 8900 blackberry phase.


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