Sony SMP-N100 Price and Release: Apple TV Rival

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

Not so long ago we brought you news of Google’s new TV service that is due to launch in the US this fall, as well as the release of the updated Apple TV. We now can announce that Sony is bringing out its new SMP-N100 network media player.

This new media-streaming device could well be stiff competition for the Apple TV. It will be available sometime in October and will have a price tag of approximately £120 for UK customers, which is more expensive than the £99 Apple TV.

You can get connected to your home network via its integrated Wi-Fi, also control the device from a compatible Andriod phone, iPod touch, iPad or iPhone by downloading a free BD remote app.

The SMP-N100 features BRAVIA Internet video, which allows you to access services such as Lovefilm, YouTube, Demand Five and the BBC iPlayer. It also supports Full 1080p video, has a USB input and offers Content Noise Reduction.

How do you think the new Sony SMP-N100 will compare to the Apple TV, and will you buy one?


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  • james b

    i too was considering the apple tv, however, lack of the bbc iplayer and only 720p resolution (vs. sony's 1080p) have swung me over to the sony device. i'm assuming i can still rent films through itunes and stream them?

    in answer to your query mike, i believe 'airplay' is what you need to use with an iPad.

    do you think this will make my sony dvd/hdd redundant!? can't keep up with all this tech!

  • mike hewitt

    Hmm. Was looking at Apple TV for its ability to stream video from my i-pad, but disappointed by the lack of an obvious way to get bbc i-player through it. This looks like a much better bet for versatility and access to online content, but I wonder if I can get it to stream from my i-pad? There must be an app for that…