Sony PS3 YLoD: Wild Claims Reignite Xbox 360 RROD Debate

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

There seems to be some concerns regarding the actions of a hacker, after he claimed to have found a string in an .RCO file for the Sony PS3. The file says “msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart,” but what exactly does that mean? What it means is that the games console has overheated.

So what happens next is that you will need to turn your PlayStation 3 off and wait for it to cool down. The hacker believes that Sony could prevent the YLoD issue by making this feature live, that way the console will shut down if it were to overheat.

PS3Extreme, reports that MaxConsole, the original source of the article cites the hacker as saying that the only reason why Sony did not implement this feature, was for more sales. That is certainly a bold statement, one that we would not like to comment on.

Since this news came out it has now started a huge debate over the Xbox 360 RROD. The reason being is that it is believed that Microsoft could have solved the issue of the Red Ring of Death as well; so did they do it for the same reason as Sony?

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  • James

    All I know is that I've had THREE (3!!!) refurbed 60gb PS3's and have got so fed up with having to pay for sony's mistakes that I went out and bought a slim, my last 60gb is sat waiting to go to an engineer to prove the fault was present when it was sold to me… I'M GONNA SUE!!!

  • Mrkaze


    I let the PS3 cool down, and continued playing later that day.

    Saturday morning the same thing happened, but even though I let it cool down, it would still turn itself off after very short periods.

    I bought a new PS3, got my data of my old one just in time – because the next time it shut down, it would never come on again, just started flashed went off constantly, it was dead!

    Then I had to rip it open to get my disc out, which was kinda fun! (old PS3 don't have forced eject/fan test)

    YLOD is a known problem as are flashing red light.

    The PS3's protocal is to ramp up the fan, and shut down if overheating, which the PS3 does do, but does it do it in time?

    This hacker is a moron, the PS3 does shut down if overheating, it has since first generation PS3's so wha is he on about?

  • Mrkaze

    My first generation 60GB PS3 went YLOD and died about 2 months ago. I was very old and had probably seen more hours use than any other electrical product I had ever owned, so I didn't complain and went and got a new slim one.

    That PS3 had been slowly dieing for some time, even though it was in an open enviroment with plenty of ventilation, the fan would often come on at full speed for prolonged periods – this is the PS3's first action against overheating.

    The weekend it died, the fan was on full speed, then the PS3 just shut down – I attempted to turn on, but got the yellow lights followed by flashing red lights and immediate shutdown.


  • beast

    stop being fan boys and admit that sony fucked up no one should ever have to experince ylod i have rang 3 times to sony playstation australia and the ammount of bs they give you no wonder sony will not own up to it it so fuck up


    My ps3 died a year ago, and I had owned it for more than a year. I phoned the OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION HELPLINE, asking them to help me. They told me that the PS3 is, QUOTE:
    "ONLY A ONE YEAR CONSOLE"!!!!! These words came from their own specialist. "A ONE YEAR CONSOLE!!!!" After much complaining about this, I was able to convince them to replace my broken console with a "REFURBISHED" one though…….

    • Xbox Truth

      fake n gay

  • Pete

    erm why would Sony want to generate more sales in this way, when they sell the PS3 at a loss?!

    they generate profit by licensing and selling games – and you're not going to up the sales of your games by flogging new consoles to current PS3 users who are simply replacing a dead console

  • thebigted

    BS my ps3 shuts down when it overheats so this does actually work and im not actaully lying, just another hacker trying to get at sony

  • Mark

    YLOD is not a problem. It's a vocal minority and Xbox shils. I don't know if a single PS3 owner in real life thats ever experienced it.

    Still nice try, clearly some hacker got upset that Sony fixed the USB hole.

    • Kermit The Frog

      My 60GB Ylodded a couple of months ago. and there are plenty of people on the official playstation forums who will tell you the same

    • Aidan

      your a fucking dope mate everyone i know with original systems have had ylod

  • micky bradford jones

    just fix it,computers dont over heat??????????????????????

  • Assuming what this "anonymous" hacker has any kind of merit. This website is truly laughable at times.

  • $$$

    Greedy 'n' Geeky birds!