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Sony PS3 YLoD: Wild Claims Reignite Xbox 360 RROD Debate

There seems to be some concerns regarding the actions of a hacker, after he claimed to have found a string in an .RCO file for the Sony PS3. The file says “msg_error_console_hot_pls_restart,” but what exactly does that mean? What it means is that the games console has overheated.

So what happens next is that you will need to turn your PlayStation 3 off and wait for it to cool down. The hacker believes that Sony could prevent the YLoD issue by making this feature live, that way the console will shut down if it were to overheat.

PS3Extreme, reports that MaxConsole, the original source of the article cites the hacker as saying that the only reason why Sony did not implement this feature, was for more sales. That is certainly a bold statement, one that we would not like to comment on.

Since this news came out it has now started a huge debate over the Xbox 360 RROD. The reason being is that it is believed that Microsoft could have solved the issue of the Red Ring of Death as well; so did they do it for the same reason as Sony?



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