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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Home Automation Video

Recently Samsung showed off the Samsung Galaxy Tab, here they showed how the Tab can make everyday tasks at home much easier for you, and I must say if their iPad rival can do what is shown in the video (embedded below) it is extremely impressive.

In the video you can see the Tab check what is in your fridge, suggest a dish to cook and show you the recipe, also you can watch a demonstration video which shows you how to cook the particular dish. One other neat feature will allow you to easily see what food is nearly out of date, which should help you waste less food.

In the video Samsung really promote the innovative Home Watcher widget, this widget can also allow you to turn on certain hobs on your cooker, pre-heat your oven and receive a notification on your Tab when the oven is ready.

Other functionality allows you to watch TV, control your air conditioning and even potentially allow you to control a robotic cleaners.

Obviously this is a glimpse into the future, I very much doubt that this functionality is currently fully working, that said it is nice to see Samsung’s ideas and future plans.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Samsung’s home automation plans in the comments section.

Are you impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s home automation potential?

Source: Engadget



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