Play PS3 Move Games With This New Gun: The Battle Rifle

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

The PlayStation Move – which is said to be better than the Wii – has not been around for long, but already there are some great accessories coming to the market, such as this Rifle Shaped Move controller. This attachment for your PS3 called the Battle Rifle will now make it more fun when shooting a target is required.

GamersMint reports that the rifle costs just $29.99 on Amazon, and makes you think back to the good old days of playing those games in the arcade. That’s not all, there is also the MOVE Precision Shot 3; this is a pistol device and has a slightly cheaper price of $24.99.

For those of you who have yet to get the new motion-sensing control, then you can purchase a bundle from Amazon consisting of the rifle, pistol and Move Controller for just $84.94.

The PS3 Move Battle Rifle will begin shipping on November 10th, with the MOVE Precision Shot 3 taking 2 to 3 weeks to ship. What other PlayStation Move accessories would you like to see?

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    im gettin it all

  • carter

    this looks wicked but sum1 said it **** to me but i really waant the pistol the rifle and the move controller but i dont think im getting enough money for chrismas ''/ do i get the controller with the battle rifle ?

  • Blitz

    I will absolutely get this add on attachment. Something like this is a good reason to get the Move. I have never liked playing shooters with game controller. I like pointing and shooting.
    CYA on the Battle Field.