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Nokia N8 No iPhone 4 Beater: 5 main problems

Nokia has great expectations of their N8 smartphone device, but how does it truly compare to the likes of the Apple iPhone 4 – or other smartphones? The Nokia N8 has still not been released to the market yet, but from what we can tell there are a few problems.

There are certainly some great features that will help the N8 stand out, but are they enough to challenge the iPhone 4? An article written by Surojit Chatterjee on MSNBC aims to find out.

There seems to be five main issues with Nokia’s upcoming handset, these are as follows: weak processor, low memory, Symbian OS, internal battery and finally its price.

The 680MHz processor will not cut it in today’s age, most smartphones now run a 1GHz chip, the upcoming Droid 2 R2D2 Edition is rumored to come with a 1.25GHz processor – almost double that of the N8.

The two biggest issues I believe are the mobile OS, and its price. There were rumors that Nokia were considering a move to Windows Phone 7, and although there is no evidence of this – it does show the failings of Symbian. The $549 price tag could be the deciding factor on how well the N8 does, but with cheaper Android handsets on the market – things do not look that great.



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