Nokia E7: Pre-order Price and Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Sep 27, 2010

Almost two weeks ago we revealed a price for the upcoming Nokia E7 smartphone, now we have a new price for you along with a release date.

Expansys has listed the E7 for £584.99 with a release date of January 10th 2011, if you would like to pre-order yours you can here,

This price is a bit too high in my opinion, especially as Expansys are offering the HTC Desire HD for £499.99, the Nokia N8 for £419.99 and the HTC Desire Z for £459.99.

The Nokia E7 is undoubtedly one of the most exciting upcoming Nokia smartphones we have seen, you can see the E7’s specs and photos here and a hands-on video here.

Do you think the Nokia E7 price is too high?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Karmen

    The release date of E7 is longer than expected, and the price is very much over reacted!
    The real price should in any case not get over 450Euro, There are already lots of phones who do what the E7 doese for such lower price!

    • Gohan

      Could you please tell the names of these phones that can do what the E7 can for less in price? As 4" AMOLED glass capacitve screen is only matched by IP4 and we all know how much they cost!! Then direct HDMI and USB connection, 16GB internal, 8MB camera with HD recording, full qwerty keyboard, real-time push emails and microsoft exchange all with the realiability of SYB3, seems like it has the best parts of all other phones in 1. response and screen like IP4, Camera like sony, connectivity like HTC, business like blackberry and memory which nokia normally have the most anyway!