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Nintendo 3DS: Release Date Revealed by Newspaper?

So far we have heard plenty of release date rumors for the Nintendo 3DS, there still hasn’t been an official announcement from Nintendo, however a German newspaper may have let the release date slip.

According to the “Bild” newspaper the 3DS will launch on November 11 2010 in Japan, and Spring 2011 in Europe, prior to this leak we had heard of a possible late September release, a November 11th release in Japan or perhaps November 20th.

The Bild newspaper is the biggest selling paper in Europe, which should mean that their editors are pretty credible, it is thought that Nintendo will officially announce the release dates pretty soon.

Personally I think that a Spring 2011 release will be unpopular with European gamers, let’s hope the Nintendo announcement brings better news for our non-Japanese readers.

Would a Spring 2011 Nintendo 3DS release date annoy you?

Source: CVG



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