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New Apple TV 2010: UK Start To Ship, Long Wait

It’s been 27 days since we ordered our new Apple TV with no shipping, and while we own four first-generation Apple TV’s the 2010 model was something that I look forward to playing with. The new device will get exclusive OS updates that the older models will not see, and this alone will replace one of our older models.

Last week we heard that Apple was taking payments for the new Apple TV, and this led us to believe that the new device will start to ship. This news was followed by rumors of refunds being given, and some users saying there was a release delay.

Today we can confirm that Apple is shipping their TV device to UK customers, we have received confirmation that said “We expect your order to be delivered to your shipping address on or before 08/10/2010”.

While it’s great to get the shipment notification, the 2-week wait for delivery is certainly a surprise. Having waited 4 weeks already, it seems we will have to wait another 2 weeks.

Have you received a shipping notification for your new Apple TV?


  • bigdotears

    you guys that have received shipping confirmation – when did you order?! I placed my order on Sept 1st, pretty much after they hit the online store, but as yet only notification that my shipping method has been upgraded 🙁 hanging on for the 'order has been shipped' email…cheers

  • Simon

    Got an email telling me I have free 'upgraded shipping' but delivery is still the generic 'September'. My order was placed on 7th Sept.

  • xiaoa10

    the $99 new Apple TV + Netflix is a perfect combination. I look forward to the interpretation of the ITV from Steve Jobs ! I am a TV fans , a movie fans , Since the Netflix can use in ipad , my movie life is more perfect , of course , this also related with my Aneesoft dvd to ipad converter pro .

  • Entrager

    My email says Oct 1, FedEx tracking this morning said Sept 30. But now the FedEx tracking has updated and says Oct 5th!

  • Darren

    Just received shipment confirmation, should be here by 1st october.

  • Richard

    Just received my shipment confirmation and expected delivery date of 1st October. 🙂


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