Microsoft Press Conference 2010 Expectations: WP7 or more?

Mark October 11, 2010 in your calendar, as this is the day that Microsoft is holding a special press conference. We are not 100 percent certain what they will be unveiling during the keynote, but we have a suspicion that it is to do with the release of Windows Phone 7.

Vlad Savov from Engadget explains that the London press conference will take place at 2PM (AM ET), and will go on until 5PM GMT. As mentioned above, expectations are high on an announcement about WP7, but information on the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Zune Marketplace is a good bet as well.

There have been a number of rumors as to when Windows Phone 7 will launch, our most recent information has it down as October 21st in Europe and November 8th in the U.S. Alan Ng has more information on this for you.

What else apart from WP7 do you think will be announced during the Microsoft press conference?



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