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Medal of Honor (PC): Open Beta Release Date and Start Time Confirmed

We have some good news for PC owners now, as we have a confirmed release date and start time for the eagerly awaited open beta for the multiplayer portion of Medal Of Honor. It starts next month.

As reported from GameTrailers, we can confirm that the PC beta will start on Monday October 4th at 12pm PT or 3PM for those of you on Eastern Time.

You better be fully prepared to spend a lot of time playing the beta, as the servers will only be up for a few days and the beta will end on October 7th at the same time.

I suppose the team has to be ready to iron out any problems that may arise during the beta, since the full game will be out on October 12th – not long to go at all.

Will you be participating in the PC beta?


  • waqar2000

    can i get a key for moh beta pc?

  • Rasmus

    What time would be this for Denmark residents? Thanks.

    • waqar2000

      do you have a key for medal of honor beta?

  • Simon

    What time would be this for UK residents? Thanks.

    • Scott

      8:00 am


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