Kinect Xbox 360 Ads: Just for kids? – Hardcore Gamers Look Away

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2010

We’ve just taken a look at the brand new ads for the upcoming Kinect motion controller and one thing immediately crossed our minds. Where was the attempt by Microsoft to prove that this thing isn’t just for kids?

The company has just released three new videos, all of which focus on a different Kinect launch title. In this case, they are Kinect Sports, Joyride and Kinectimals – all of which are family based and definitely do not appeal to the hardcore gamer.

If you are a Xbox 360 owner and still undecided on whether Kinect is right for you, surely you would want to see a bit of evidence by Microsoft which suggests that Kinect will also appeal to the hardcore category as well as for kids and the family.

It would have been nice to see a first person shooter or another ‘proper’ game demonstrated in Microsoft’s first batch of official ads, but instead we are treated to watching kids play a bunch of upgraded Wii games.

This may seem like a criticism, but it’s not. I’ll probably get Kinect anyway, but I just feel that Microsoft missed a trick here. Check out the ads below and let us know what you think. Are you still planning to buy it?

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  • Just what I was searching for, thanks for putting up.

  • Clarity Troll

    You should revisit the meaning of "criticism." Your whole point is most definitely a criticism; the word doesn't imply something negative, as you seem to think it does.

  • stormy rockweather

    Now, after lagging sales and sinking $4 billion into the console and its numerous problems, Microsoft extends to the "casual" gamer by mimicking the Wii's success, motion control being revolutionary FOUR YEARS AGO. Trust me, behind the pretty graphics (which seems to constitute the whole quality game argument amonst non-Wii fans) the gameplay will be no different than the type that debuted in 2006. And debuting this, which is almost equivalent to a new console, so late in the 360's lifespan? It will be insulting when all service to this cuts off in two years. But that's Microsoft, nickle-and-diming and insulting their customers, who irrevocably display the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Bulldog

    Kinect may not need to cater to hardcore gaming. But I am sure not going to spend money so I can dance or jump up and down in front of my TV. I buy consoles PS3 and 360 to play the kinds of games I like. Kinect does have any games that interest me so not going to buy unless that changes.

  • Yeah I'm getting Kinect. The Xbox 360 has a glut of hardcore games and doesn't need to use Kinect for hardcore gaming. It is smart to use Kinect for family friendly titles because now the 75 million + people who have purchased a Wii or the 120 millon + people who have purchased a DS have another option for gaming. The Kinect games look like high quality titles that would appeal to casual gamers and not just quickly thrown together shovelware that's being sold at bargain bin prices.

    Hardcore gamers are already satisfied with the Xbox 360. Good for Microsoft in realizing that the industry is much bigger than just the hardcore blood and guts gamer.

  • Smootherkuzz

    Funny,I had a fellow employee who found out I play video games with the kids his response was " Video Games are for Kids" and he is half correct, some games are directed at children and some are directed at the mature kid in all of us.People who are mature still play Mario,Zelda,Sonic etc and no one cares but Kinect starts out with less mature titles and they get bashed.I for one will get the Kinect because my family enjoys all types of games and will be a great additon to our collection of video game fun.

  • Tudim

    Kinect IS FOR KIDS! Microsoft is not pretending that is is not.
    With Kinect Microsoft is trying to extend its user base with casual gamers.

  • Vince

    …anyway, why should everything be just for the hardcore gamers. Wii did well..

  • marhorn

    Look at the move advert! its 10 times worse!!!!!