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Kinect Xbox 360 Ads: Just for kids? – Hardcore Gamers Look Away

We’ve just taken a look at the brand new ads for the upcoming Kinect motion controller and one thing immediately crossed our minds. Where was the attempt by Microsoft to prove that this thing isn’t just for kids?

The company has just released three new videos, all of which focus on a different Kinect launch title. In this case, they are Kinect Sports, Joyride and Kinectimals – all of which are family based and definitely do not appeal to the hardcore gamer.

If you are a Xbox 360 owner and still undecided on whether Kinect is right for you, surely you would want to see a bit of evidence by Microsoft which suggests that Kinect will also appeal to the hardcore category as well as for kids and the family.

It would have been nice to see a first person shooter or another ‘proper’ game demonstrated in Microsoft’s first batch of official ads, but instead we are treated to watching kids play a bunch of upgraded Wii games.

This may seem like a criticism, but it’s not. I’ll probably get Kinect anyway, but I just feel that Microsoft missed a trick here. Check out the ads below and let us know what you think. Are you still planning to buy it?



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