iPod Touch 4 SHAtter Jailbreak: iPhone Dev-Team – PwnageTool Beta

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

The new Apple iPod Touch 4G has been on the market for just under one-month now, but sadly those who purchased one of these devices missed out when exploit on jailbreakme.com stopped. However, there is a new exploit called SHAtter, and can be seen running on the new Apple device in the video below.

The tool is still in the development stages, but hopefully the pod2g’s exploit beta version will be available for download soon. According to the Dev-Team Blog, SHAtter was able to restore the fourth-generation iPod Touch to the Dev Teams custom IPSW.

The results of this are clear for you to see in the video, and although this jailbreak is in its early stages, it is great to see things developing like they are. One feature that was nice to see on the iPod Touch 4G was battery percentage, we wonder what other features will be unlocked once the SHAtter comes out of beta?

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