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iPhone Jailbreak and Encrypted SMS Text Messages

For those of you looking to tweak your jailbroken iPhone, then you are going to love SecretSMS. This new tool will make it possible for you to send an encrypted text message, the recipient will be not be able to read the received message until they enter a password.

The idea of an encrypted SMS is one that will be of interest to a number of iPhone users who leaves their phones lying around; this way no one will be able to read a personal message. Skipper Eye from Redmond Pie explains that this is a safe and useful tool, and we are certain that most of you with a jailbroken iPhone will agree.

That is not the best part of this app; the receiver will not have to have any app installed to read the message. However, they will need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch– sorry to state the obvious.

SecretSMS is a free app and is available on Cydia. Redmond Pie offers a step-by-step guide for those who would like to jailbreak their Apple device. Is this an app that you would use?



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