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Google’s iPhone / iPad Deal with Apple: Solidifies companies

Google is not only celebrating its 12th birthday with a Doodle on its homepage, but also the deal with Apple and its extensions as a search engine on the iPhone and iPad. However, we have no details on how long the new deal will last for and any financial details.

Google will still be the default search engine, with Yahoo and Bing being the second and third. Clint Boulton from eWeek reports that in a recent interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, he was not prepared to answer any questions on the finer details of the deal. However, Boulton believes that such a deal could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

The extension on the deal is not a surprise, but the two companies are not exactly bosom buddies; Boulton states that the new search deal “solidifies the companies’ cooperation in search.”

Google certainly has the best seat in the house, not only is their smartphone market share growing thanks to Android OS, but they also have a presence in other handsets as well. We wonder if Apple will still want Google to be the search engine default on the iPhone and iPad if and when Android becomes the number one mobile OS?



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