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Dead Rising 2: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Following on from our Dead Rising 2 review roundup today, we wanted to expand more on one of the reviews that looks at the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 verisons in detail, this EuroGamer article can be seen here.

If you check out the link above you can see a two page article which puts the PS3 and Xbox 360 side-by-side, here you can see identical screenshots from each platform and even a video showing framerates and general performance.

In this article we will summarize EuroGamer’s findings, on the whole it looks as if the Xbox 360 is better, shadows and lighting are far superior and the 30fps cap ensures smooth gameplay, whereas the uncapped PS3 version suffers from screen tear.

The PS3 version does cope better when there are a lot of zombies in an outdoor environment, whereas the Xbox 360 can sometimes struggle, however this is pretty much the only time the PS3 excels.

EuroGamer also suggest that the native resolution of the PS3 release is in fact just 1024×576, which has been upscaled to 720p, whereas the Xbox 360 version runs at a native resolution of 720p, this is sometime noticeable in these screens.

To conclude it seems as if the Xbox 360 version does have the edge, that said 95% of gamers probably wouldn’t notice the PS3 versions slight imperfections.

Do you own both consoles? If so, has EuroGamer’s comparison convinced you to buy the Xbox 360 version?



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