Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Mode Release Confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2010

We know that a lot of you already believe that zombie mode will be included in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops title, but we have found more details for you now which seemingly confirm the return of Nazi Zombies.

Yes, we did mean to say Nazi Zombies too! There had been a lot of speculation on whether the Nazi Zombie theme would fit into the Modern-era style of Black Ops, but it looks as if Treyarch has found a way to balance it out.

We previously told you about some new twitter hints on zombie mode, but now Black Ops zombie mode has also been mentioned in the official strategy guide for the game. It has been listed by both Play-Asia here and GameStop here, the listings both contain the following line: ”Co-op and Nazi Zombie Coverage”

That is probably the clearest indication about zombie mode yet, and also confirms it will be Nazi zombies and not ‘commie’ zombies as previously speculated.

The situation about the four zombie maps from World at War still hasn’t been cleared up yet, so hopefully we will have more details on that soon.

Let us know your thoughts on the new findings.

Source: Metro

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  • name

    black ops does not have the four maps from WAW it has kin no untoten and the pentagon white house place thing and the zomeies arent nazis

  • mijo m joy


    • MIJO M.JOY


  • dannybear

    will the four maps and features be purchaseable from ps store for normal edition owners?

    • nazizombiediehardfan

      i dont know thats what im asking help us please (ps im on xbox so marketplace)

  • Actually nazi zombies will be their own game mode featured in the dead ops arcade, nazi zombies will b the same as in world at war, there is also other game modes/zombie games in the dead ops arcade

  • lolo

    i bin readin yor coms an im tryin to find it so i cn download it but will it be downloadable?

  • lokienloki

    It cold be great

  • adam

    because the nazi symbol is banned in germany except for whens it being shown during educational things, i.e. black ops isnt exactly education therefore they cant show the symbol in germany, but no nazi zombies has to be done, zombies = fun nazis + zombies = shite jamie bell film or an epic video game 😛

    • chris

      well all i gotta say is if your a your zombie killing machine then dont hate on what its going to be called and if it nazi zombies or dead ops. all i know is it will be bigger and better than world at war. all i want to do is kill me some zombies

  • Bob

    @ vince.

    I never understood the whole German being offended by Nazi's in a game thing, its not like they're portraying Nazi regimes or preaching what nazi's used to do in nazi zombies, its merely a zomie with the nazi logo on his jacket.

  • zzirGrizz

    Time 2 go quick scope some zombies. bai2u

  • Rid Iculous

    Whats wrong with just waiting for the game too come out? That's how we used to do it

  • Vince

    …and should they really be making them Nazi Zombies? Can see it being banned here in Germany. They don't take too kindly to that sort of thing. Nothing wrong with them just being Zombies..

    • james

      so your technaclly calling all germans Nazi's ?

    • ZombieRaper

      it's called "Nazi Zombies" because it takes place in a Nazi Factory, Nazi Theatre and Nazi Insane Assylum. That's why it's called "Nazi Zombies."

  • Andy

    the 4 maps in the hardend edition are the 4 WAW zombie maps.
    someone comfirmed it in an interview.

  • Obviously

    Wrong, the Nazi Zombie coverage means covering the four maps being "called back" from WaW and the Co-op mode which has not been confirmed. Thus your whole article is now pointless.

  • James

    I want the four maps from WAW to be in BO cause there REALY COOL!!!

  • jane

    I want the four maps from WAW to be in BO cause they are realy cool

    • lokienloki

      Well this one already has a preview and its looking good. COD Zombie Mode Early Impressions

    • nazi zombie fan

      they are and can use a ak 47 and pak a punch it