BlackBerry Playbook: Release Date and Video

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

We recently reported that RIM had announced the PlayBook, the BlackBerry tablet device. We thought that you would want to know the release date of the device, along with an informative video. So it is great news that the device has finally been unveiled, but you will not be happy with how long you will have to wait.

First things first, the video can be viewed on the BlackBerry PlayBook website that RIM has just made live. The video shows a number of features that Research In Motion hopes will make the device stand out above the rest.

Now lets us get on to that release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM expects this to be in the early part of 2011 in the U.S. and by Q2 of next year for other countries, such as the UK.

RIM is to start working with developers as soon as possible to help develop apps for the device, which we will discuss in another article.

Are you disappointed that you will have to wait until 2011 for the new BlackBerry tablet?

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  • joh

    Have no worries have no fear blackberry playbook will soon be here !

  • big gamer

    its all about the stock not the product itself, thats y the early release and late distribution

  • As a user of a BlackBerry Curve, I know just how rock solid BlackBerry smartphones are for communications and enterprise. I'll take a BlackBerry over an iPhone anyday. Plus the Playbook works hand-in-hand with my BlackBerry smartphone. Even if the iPad 2 comes out in the UK before the Playbook, I'll still take the Playbook. Forget iPad, to me, it's just a bigger, glorified iPod Touch. The Playbook brings new functionality to BlackBerry gear.

  • Ussamah

    iPad 2 is already on the way

  • too bad for RIM to announce too early and make people wait too long for a great product.
    surely the competitors will be producing similar knockouts. before or around that for less.

    its just a long wait.

  • zozo

    wait a min, 8mths for a non 3g version? means 10-12mths for a 3g. ridiculous, playbook looks gd, but im sure there will be better ones out there early quarter 2011 , idk just look at lenovo convertible laptop slate hybrid. -.-

    • G man

      it runs on 4G.

  • wassas

    We previously saw word from RIM at Gitex that the PlayBook will be hitting in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb versions. I still assume the 8gb version sourced here is a mistake, so it’s more likely the 16gb pricing is what’s stated as being for 8gb, the 32gb is the 16gb price, and the 64gb price is what’s stated as the 32gb price. At least I hope that’s the case. *

    Back in September we ran a poll here on CrackBerry asking what folks thought the BlackBerry PlayBook would cost. The results of that poll showed that most folks were expecting that $400-$500 mark to be the spot with $300- $400 being the next in line. Today, some rumored pricing was revealed and it seems to fit right in line with both of those options. So, what’s the pricing look like?

    8GB: $399

    16GB: $499

    32GB: $599

    So blackberry expect to sell like 4 millions playbook by the middle of 2012. 😉

  • hussain

    im not disappointed to wait till 2011 because i'll have a chance to save money to buy one 😀

  • emox

    ye,ye,ye RIM compares Ipad vs Playbook in a very fancy way look youtube is amazing but Ipad is there so, ipad:1 Rim: 0 sorry for blackberry but tomorrow ill buy it

    • want an ipad

      did you buy the ipad?

  • Steve

    Agree with smartphonefella. Each device can be right to one person, depending on user preference. For me, I would rather wait for the BlackBerry PlayBook because it can work with my present BlackBerry device, and I don’t have to add another phone subscription (like having to subscribe to AT&T in iPad 3G’s case). On the other hand, if everything else is same, I would choose iPad for its bigger screen size.

  • Iqbal

    I own an iPad I'm quiet happy with it 🙂


    Can one make calls from the Blackberry Playbook (without connecting) a phone to it?

  • nathan

    Shitt, better then an ipad. It has a camera.

  • khsalva

    I am willing to wait, for the new Blackberry Playbook rather than going with a Android tablet. I hope the wait and hype is worth the wait.

  • lelela

    By the time this comes out, IF it comes out in roughly 8 months… Apple will already have added extra features, like the camera and video to the ipad. I doubt they would put flash in it though, unless they fixed the problem of the ipads overheating.

    • MA12

      hahaha……..april 2010 apple is coming out with a new ipad……

  • Don

    How stupid… if they wanna put it to the market they have to do it immediately coz the competitors will copy the spec and put it to the market before them and will catch the market.. by the time they are releasing the PlayBook I am sure Apple will make a killer… the same thing happened to Nokia N8 and HP slate! Apple will put it to the market before everyone and will fix the bugs while uses complain… like Iphone4 😉

    • grissom3310

      I totally agree. The playbook is good looking and they have the right idea when it comes to aesthetics it tech. Apple on the other hand “fix as we go along” approach it’s it’s own fault(iPhone 4) theater/scandal, did what it was supposed to do…..make us hold off on any other phone, blackberry is trying to do the same with the playbook except, it’s not a new concept. They need to put out a product near or on press release date.

      • smartphonefella

        Errr grissom3310, don't be naive: the iPhone 4 reception issue has not been fixed. A plaster has merely been applied to the sore. I have an iPhone 4 with a Belkin bumper supplied by Rotten Apple and even with a signal booster in my house from my mobile provider, the signal quality isn't great. My old BlackBerry 8120 on the same carrier still has less dropped calls. BlackBerry's aren't perfect I admit but which smartphone is? NONE. There's just a smartphone that fulfills a particular purpose better than the other, depending on what the user needs. BlackBerry has its advantages; so does iPhone. And, for the record, BlackBerry does not publicise EVERY fix it releases. However, BlackBerry updates to fix minor bugs get released all the time, every few weeks or less, which is a lot sooner than iPhone users get their bugs and issues resoved.

    • smartphonefella

      Now this shows how ignorant you are to product development. A product that gets released next month by a top company such as Apple or RIM is not something that was a whimsical quick rush response to a competitor's product. Marketing strategy, product testing and more need to be done. Plus, Apple JUST released the iPad. It's unlikely that they release a different iPad is drastically different hardware or features before the Playbook comes out, unless it was already in development long before the PlayBook was released. So stop being such a pathetically blind follower and get in the know. As I said to another person, each device (and company) has its advantages. Neither is better; just used differently or does things differently.

  • alex

    um. Blackberry owns about 28% of the market share for smart phones purchased this year. Android had 40% and I phone had 25%…….. androids here

  • Fun_Fact

    To put into perspective…Apple made 7 billion in 2009. And they make computers, Mp3 and phones etc…Blackberry made over 15 billion and they only make Smartphones. Shows who the real boss is eh?

    • Two_Needz

      I agree! BLACKBERY! Heavily!

      • Elfie

        That is so fricken true! suck it apple!

  • The-Truth

    Blackberry for life. I’ll take the wait, and they can do whatever they want cause they own the market. Get it? They own over half the smartphone market. Not apple, not android….Blackberry still kick their little butts. Period end of story

    • TheRealTruth

      Your data is stale. Apple hold a larger market share in the US with one model than Blackberry do with all it’s models.

      Get a grip!

      • Duane W

        2Q 2010 market share goes as follows:

        1. Symbian

        2. BlackBerry

        3. iPhone

        4. Everything Else

        Don’t confuse sales with marketshare. If one BlackBerry lasts four years and an iPhone lasts two, even if it is replaced, that’s two Apple sales to one BB sale. There’s still only one iPhone being used. BlackBerry has rock solid performance when it comes to calling, messaging, and email. Period. Doesn’t matter how nice the MP3s sound. The vast majority of phones are used for… calling, messaging, and email.

    • phillyoceans


  • liketech@bearhouse

    I planned on buying an ipad this weekend until I saw the playbook. Not sure I want to wait 4-6 months though. I guess I could sell my ipad on ebay.

    • Lewis

      How much would you give for your IPAD?

    • hank

      ipads are garbage compared to the playbook

      • eeeeett

        Yes, compare to a vaporware..great! I can also add playbook is garbage compare to 2012 iPad 🙂

  • Why is everyone so negative about the date for the release of the Blackberry Playbook. 4-6 months is NOTHING, if you are a gamer then you know you must be patient for many years for your favorite game to come out.

    • Ricardo

      I agree. I've been reserving the zelda game since april, and it comes out next year also. waiting for the playbook isn't too bad.

  • lokienloki

    Lots of potential. Taken down by its platform.

  • 2011? It's September 2010. Why in the heck vendors show stuff 4-8 months out. Pumping up a product that folks are going to forget about later. They should of waited till the product was 2 months out before making a press release.

    • davy

      works for me, gives me more time for development for my app.

    • beth

      i disagree. i am super excited for it. i know and trust the quality of blackberry, so i think it is worth the wait.