BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010: Live blog

Today is the start of the BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 and runs from September 27th to the 30th. The keynote will begin at 1PM PDT, and there is speculation that the rumored BlackPad will make an appearance, although Alan Ng has just reported that it will be a no show.

RIM needs to make this conference a special one, as they do not have much to impress us with. They had better offer details of their BlackBerry tablet device or the Storm 3; otherwise some of those attending might be heard snoring during the keynote.

Cnet will be on hand and will have a live blog running on the RIM DevCon as they call it. This is now the third developer conference from Research In Motion, and expectations are high. According to Erica Org from Cnet, developers who work on the BlackBerry apps will be there to see what hardware they need to develop their applications around.

Visit Cnet’s LIve Blog

Once the conference gets underway we will keep you fully informed of what RIM have announced – lets hope that it is worth reporting?



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