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BlackBerry BlackPad: RIM’s Big Move

Whenever you ask someone to describe RIM, they would say that they make a reliable BlackBerry smartphone for the enterprise user. However, we could soon be saying that they also make a tablet device. There have been rumors that Research In Motion would announce details of the BlackPad during today’s BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010.

Sadly it looks as though the BlackPad will be MIA at the event, which Alan Ng discussed in a recent article. RIM has been struggling to keep hold of its lead in the smartphone market, as they have come under huge pressure from not only Apple, but Google with its Android OS as well.

The Canadian company knows that they need to offer up something new, and hopefully this will be the step into the tablet market. You can be forgiven for thinking that Research In Motion was letting its business slip a little, but Erica Orgg from Cnet explains that the phone maker certainly has its eye on the ball.

Even though the BlackPad might not show up today during the BlackBerry Developer Conference, we are more than certain that it is coming – we just do not know when. Do you think that RIM’s big move into the lucrative tablet market will pay off?



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