Google’s 5 Project 10 to the 100 Winners: Final five ideas

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2010

There are two things that you will notice on the Google homepage today, the new Doodle to celebrate the search engine’s 12th birthday, and the $10M to the 5 Project 10^100 winners message below the search bar. Upon further investigation, Google has now announced the five winners of its Project 10 to the 100.

150,000 ideas were submitted to Google by thousands of people from over 150 countries, and were taken down to just 16. The five winners of the project took a year to get to this stage. Google will now give $10 million to these organizations in the hope of finding solution for global challenges.

The first idea is to make educational content free online. The Khan Academy has been given $2 million to offer free education by use of over 1,600 teaching videos.

The second idea to win is to enhance the education of science and engineering. This project has been given $3 million for promoting not only science but math as well; with robotics programs being a main part of that.

For more details on these winners visit Project 10 to the 100.

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