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Notion Ink Adam Tablet: Color options like Colorware?

We have yet to learn of the official release date of the Notion Ink Adam tablet device, but we do know that it could come in a range of different colors – something that looks a lot like the choices that you are used to seeing from Colorware. The tablet will run on the ever-popular Android mobile OS from Google, but will have a customized UI.

It would certainly be nice to know when the device will be released along with details on hardware – but some news is better than none right? SlashGear has learned from Notion Ink Adam’s blog site about the design process and what other design choices they had to choose from before coming up with the final product.

Notion Adam Ink’s Rohan Shravan, has gone into detail about the upcoming tablet device, such as the decision that had to be made when working out what features should be added to the device; their reason why they chose the 185-degree swivel camera is a fine example of this.

Hopefully our frustration will end on October 9th when Shravan will offer some live images of the device direct from the factory. We still expect to see the tablet launched in just one color from the start, but hopefully after the company has results from an upcoming poll on user color choices, we should then find out what other color choices we will have.



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