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Verizon iPhone Vs CDMA iPhone: Differences Explained

While it is fair to say that the Verizon iPhone rumor bandwagon has well and truly kickstarted again, consumers shouldn’t get too confused with the terms ‘Verizon iPhone’ and ‘CDMA iPhone’ – as they are not completely the same thing.

Over at PCMag, their detailed article points out the fact that CDMA doesn’t just belong to Verizon. Maybe consumers automatically associate CDMA iPhone as a Verizon iPhone, but the CDMA term isn’t just tied down to one carrier.

For example, Sprint also use a form of CDMA for their network, while CDMA is also very popular in India and Japan. If Apple are really planning to release a CDMA iPhone in January, then it could be for another network, not necessarily Verizon Wireless.

Of course, we would all like it to be Verizon, but we feel that you should be aware of this for future reference. It still could happen though, we just need Apple and Verizon to reach an agreement on the iPhone, our earlier report here has more details on this.

Did you know that CDMA also belonged to Sprint or not?



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