Verizon iPhone release compared to Guns n’ Roses album

By Gary Johnson - Sep 26, 2010

The speculation regarding when the iPhone will finally make it on to Verizon could become one of the longest drawn out stories in history. The long running saga is even now being compared to a Guns n’ Roses album.

Joshua Brown of Forbes is comparing the Verizon iPhone story to the fourteen year wait for the last Guns n’ Roses album “Chinese Democracy”. After many years of waiting with rumors and leaks by the time the album finally saw the light of day, hardly anyone cared.

This could be the same with the iPhone, as Verizon have offered their customers an alternative with the Android based handsets. If Apple and Verizon finally get their act together and got an iPhone on to the carrier, it would probably double the iPhone user numbers within a year.

Users with the iPhone on AT&T love their device, but are fed up with the carrier and continue to wait as well. The iPhone is still one of the most sought after devices, but for how much longer? While people wait for the device to land on Verizon they could lose interest and go elsewhere.

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