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Teach Children How to Write Letters: Little Sky Writers for iPad

A great application that helps young children to learn how to correctly write the letters of the alphabet is available for the iPad. Little Sky Writers 1.0 has children guiding a small plane through a series of letter shaped flight paths with their finger as they learn.

Released by DAN02 the app has been designed with the input of several Kindergarten teachers and professionals. As the children play the game Roger the control tower provides amusing and educational commentary, and is voiced by Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, Stephen Kramer Glickman.

There is real time feedback which lets the children know immediately if they go off the correct path. With three levels of difficulty children can master precision slowly with a greater sense of accomplishment. Once a child has mastered the game they will receive a certificate which can be posted to your Facebook page. The app has received many good reviews so far.

Little Sky Writers 1.0 is available on the App Store for only $1.99. iOS 3.2 or later required.



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