T-Mobile G2 Vs iPhone 4 and Droid X: Specs Compared before Release

By Alan Ng - Sep 26, 2010

We have some some important information for those of you planning to pick up the T-Mobile G2 handset, as we have a full spec sheet for you to take a look at, which compares it against the Apple iPhone 4 and Motorola Droid X.

As reported from PC World, the T-Mobile G2 will be the carrier’s next flagship handset, and it’s also the direct successor to the G1. It will be the first handset to run on their new HSPA+ network, which promises speeds of up to 19Mbps in some areas in the US.

The question is though, does it do enough to beat the likes of the mighty iPhone and popular Droid X? A quick glance at the spec sheet and the answer which first greets me is ‘no’.

Firstly, the G2 has the slowest processor (800Mhz) compared to the iPhone 4 and Droid X which both have 1Ghz chips. Next is internal memory, as the G2 only offers a measly 4GB unlike the iPhone 4 which comes with either 16 or 32GB and the Droid X which comes with 8GB. However, you can increase the memory with an SD card so its not too bad.

The most requested feature in current smartphones is the inclusion of a front facing camera for video chats, and it is slightly disappointing to hear that the T-Mobile G2 won’t include one. The Droid X can be excluded since it is a pretty old handset now, but there are no excuses for the G2 – where is it?

If you are interested in picking up the device, I’d advise you to check out the full comparison of specs here. Let us know your impressions on the handset afterwards.

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  • lovo

    Umm… excuse me but when has apple officially said the iPhone 4runs at 1ghz? If u do the reasearch benchmarks show around 800mhz juss saying

  • BiasedaBit?

    This review doesn't even have the current info on the G2 that it comes with 8GB expandable to 32.

  • rorenn

    Can you please update your article with what is now known about the phones, especially now that the G2 has been officially released? thanks!

  • lol

    Wrong idiot. 800 mhz is NOT 800 mhz. This 800 mhz chip blows away the older 1000 mhz chips. Benchmarks have already been done.

    This article is heavily biased and down right retarded.

    • brian

      lol well said

  • Boostin

    Sounds like a tmobile fan boy… how can you even compare tmobiles service over verizon. Also 800 mhz… is “800” mhz…. that like saying that’s like saying I 2 cars exact same engine, one has a racing stripe the other doesn’t. But I think the one with the racing stripe is faster becasue of the stripe and a sticker… lol. Same concept with 2.2…. different carriers same froyo…

    • A guy G2 is the best out of all of them then goes the iPhone 4then droid

  • Aaron

    from t mobile web site: 8 GB Memory Card Included

  • adam

    no one uses a front facing camera. it is just a novelty. the internal storage doesn't matter because you can bump that up with a SD card (do that on the iPhone). the processor is "only" 800 mhz, but is a whole new generation of the snapdragon with a better gpu, so i would be willing to bet that it would be faster than both the iPhone and the X. The G2 will run stock Android 2.2, unlike the Droid X that has a motorola overlay on it. that means that the phone will be faster and get updates faster. Lastly, the G2 runs on Tmobiles HSPA+ network, giving it super fast data speeds. The download speeds on the G2 should be faster than both, even faster than Sprints "4G". All in all, you really can't compare the three just straight across like this. Given the facts, the G2 is the smart phone to get.