Similac Recall 2010: Information for Parents and Caregivers

Since the Similac recall that was announced earlier this week due to contamination fears from the common beetle, parents have been understandably worried for their health of their child. It is all well and good issuing a recall, but what about those who have already given the baby formula to their child, and what alternatives do they have?

We recently learned of a mother who said that her child had started to get a tummy upset due to the Similac baby formula, but Abbott has announced on a number of occasions that there has been no reports of illness due to the recall.

As for what parents can do if their child has already taken the formula, Dr. Jane Chikkala has said “they’ll likely be okay,” which is according to a report on WTOL.

Parents will need to find an alternative to the Similac baby formula, just remember that you will need to make certain that it is from the same group, if your child has been on a soy formula, then make certain that you swap to a soy formula from another brand.

Abbott said that they are very understanding on this issue, and although they were very slow in the information on this recall – they now have a huge amount of advice for not only parents but caregivers as well.

The first thing that they can do is visit the recall lookup page to check their lot numbers, which we recently reported. Also Abbott has a consumer hotline running 24/7, (888) 376-2054.



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