RIM BlackPad Vs iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab: Which one will you buy?

By Alan Ng - Sep 26, 2010

We are hearing continuous rumors that RIM are due to announce their tablet device to the public next week. It is thought to be called the RIM ‘BlackPad’ and is going to offer customers another alternative to the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Despite the fact that it hasn’t even been unveiled yet, rumors are suggesting that the BlackPad could even be launched next week too, similar to what Apple tends to do. Specific features and specs are unknown at the moment, but we previously told you that a 7-inch display, front facing camera for video chats and a 1Ghz processor would be included.

Considering this device is coming from RIM, you would think that the newest version of BlackBerry OS will be included – it could even be a newer version than 6.0 – what do you think?

If RIM do announce it next week, then it will definitely take the limelight away from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which was only just unveiled recently too. All these devices are trying to bring down the iPad, but will they succeed? Let us know which one you are planning to buy.

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  • james

    I am going to stay with my Commadore 64. It is versatile, I can take it on the go, as long as don'r ever move from my desk and chair, and it just looks sexy. Sorry Ipad, BB, Samsung. Everybody wang chung tonight!

  • I want an android tablet with tethering options, superAMOLED with dual core CPU, 10G RAM, voice/video call options, secondary camera, TV out, full video playback, 5 megapixel camera minimum, flashplayer & java enabled, memory card slot and organizer. Can’t wait for it to be driven by a 10G satellite SIM as Android will influence our lifestyle and Business futures!

  • xcfgvbhjnmk

    the ipad wifi + 3g is like a no contract deal. you buy they device and decide when you want to sign up for the 3g monthly plan then cancel it when you dont need it anymore.

    • dave

      I don't want an iPad. I like my Touch but have little desire to stick with Apple for a tablet. I want something with more features, smaller, and "open".

  • dave

    i want a tablet WITHOUT a monthly fee, so figure out which one is off my short list…

    • bubba

      it only has a monthly fee if you want 3g connectivity

  • xiaoa10

    I am sorry, ipad is my favorite. Wether from the aspect of features or the popularity, I will choose the ipad, the most important reazon is that the screen size is very comfortable, which can make me enjoying movies on my ipad, not so, i also order a Aneesoft dvd to ipad converter and Netflix app, both all can make my "home theater" more perfect!

  • DG

    I will buy whatever device allows me to run whatever OS and programs on it that I want, without any restrictions, unlocking, jailbreaking, or other DRM. I want to play whatever movies I want, whatever music I want, read whatever books I want.

    No restrictions on me = Sale for the vendor. Otherwise, no $$$ for you.

    Too bad the iPad doesn’t offer this – it’s really nice and I’d buy one to replace my seriously aged Tungsten C…

  • XiroMisho

    while I like blackberry… I still see no reason to own a tablet netbook. There really just isn't a convincing argument here… what can it do my phone doesn't? And what can it do that I wouldn't just grab my laptop for. The only thing is I can watch movies on it (well the non-iPad's as it can't/refuses to run flash) but am I willing to pay $500 for a portable movie player with a giant screen? No… I'll take the extra 3 minutes to pull out my laptop and watch it on an even bigger (and better) screen. (one that won't have smudge marks and glare.)

  • ricord

    Qnx is the most reliable OS for connected mobile device!