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New iOS Jailbreak and Unlock: 4.1 on iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4G – User Warnings

For those of you who are waiting for a jailbreak solution for your iOS device we have some news for you. A commercial company has announced the availability of a new jailbreak tool, one which can even jailbreak the iPhone 4 and new iPod Touch.

That is according to this report from Examiner, who tell us about and their services which include jailbreaking and unlocking devices at a price. Before you all go and visit their website, you should definitely take a look at the user comments over at Examiner, as they are claiming that this website is a scam.

We cannot confirm it at the moment, so our advice is to wait until the iPhone Dev Team release Greenpois0n or another jailbreak method, so you know you can trust it. Besides, a release from the iPhone Dev Team will always be free so why risk a paid method which might not even work.

Have any of you ever heard of If so, what are your experiences of it? As always, we’ll let you know when a proper jailbreak method is out.


  • This website is a complete SCAM. When you pay for the software to jailbreak/unlock your iPhone you will not hear from them again. Unfortunately I got caught out by these crooks but I’m going to every website that advertise for this company and I’m writing bad reveiws. I don’t want anybody else to get ripped off like I did. They advertise 24/7 365 days a year support. I’ve tried phoning, emailing and using their “Live Chat” but I’m yet to speak to anyone. The customer reviews on their website are also fake. How can all the reviews give 5 stars out of 5? No company is perfect! are SCAMMERS – PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THESE CROOKS. Don’t get caught out like I did. I had to cancel my bank card just in case they tried to take more cash from my account. PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!

  • Laurence

    anyone that pays for a jb needs their head read, if you wait the good ones are always free

  • Ng2007

    After they get paid they give you a link to download sn0wbreeze 2.0

  • roma

    im geting my money back tomorrow as visa say, its a scam, it doesnt work!

  • Got Scammed

    The site is a can, does not work for Ipone 4G. 4.0.2 or 4.1 as they claim. All the stuff they do have, is just copies of other peoples work.

    They use automatic responses to emails, the phone number on the site does not work. The office address is also false

    If you pay them via credit card or paypal you wont get a refund.

    They use terms and conditions when they sell to you that cant be disputed, as they actualy deliver something to you and the likes of Visa/Mastercard and Paypal wont process the refund


  • Na

    It makes no sense to bother advertising a JB scammer when you already clearly feel it is, indeed, a scam! This is useless, “fill the word count” journalism at it’s worse. Provide real news with substance or just sit back on your duff, like the rest of us, and wait for Greenp0ison quietly! I really thought you were better than this…

  • Scam

    keep yourself AWAY from this website

  • ACE


  • Dave

    I payed them by either paypal or daypal and claimed my money back from the payment provider

    • jack

      yes its scam .because instead of paying them i just sent the email and ask them if its realy works.they said we r working on that…

  • Jay

    I agree with John…… I feel like I just wasted a valuable minute of my life here :-/

  • Jaime only says what is the way you have to install ultrasn0w for unlock the iphone 4. That is only they says about jailbreak iphone 4 ios 4.1. So is false they can jailbreak iphone 4 with 4.1.

  • Dwight

    This site is a scam. When I just received my 3GS in august last year I upgraded it to 3.1 because I saw where they could unlock it. I send them my money an the send me a link at the time to redsnow. Requested my money and did not hear from them. They are a very dishonest bunch. Still want my money back. Stay away from them. They should be banned from the alerts.

  • Mvot

    This site is really a scam. I tested it and they obviously have no solution for iPhone 4 4.1. They need to be stopped.

  • Mario C

    I agree this is totally fake, I was taken from this site, when u buy the jb from this site they send u a link and u download a already out jb which is blackra1n. Clearly blackra1n is not for 4.1, I tried getting my money back and I still haven’t heard back from them.

  • Geo1

    Its a scam sent them $36 some years ago never received a proper unlock.

  • John

    This is stupid! Why do u publish or write something and say you can JB but yet tell people to not use it because it’s either a scam and/or have to pay?? I understand that you’re sharing your inputs but if you’re someone who’s dumb enuff to try these sites instead of waiting, then so be it. Might as well not write anything at all or are you guys really that bored?

  • Gday is a SCAMMMMM !! anyone that knows anything about jailbreaking should be smart enough to realize this.. if not…. haaaa! dumb ass!

  • del

    agree. its a scam!

  • bull is a big Scam !!!


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