JetBlue Wi-Fi: Airline partnership with ViaStat

Earlier this week JetBlue Airlines announced that they were to offer Wi-Fi to its entire fleet by 2012, and will be doing so with ViaStat. This partnership will help to bring broadband and TV via satellite. It is great to see a company not invest in current technology, but rather in the creation of new “broadband functionality.”

According to PCMag, the new partnership will see ViaSat use both Ka-band antenna apparatus and SurfBeam 2 modems in JetBlue planes. This will then allow passengers to access the Internet and TV services via LiveTV, a company owned by the airline.

The FAA will now have to run tests to make certain that it meets with all safety standards, and if all goes well, then this service could be expanded to other airlines – now you will no longer have an excuse to get bored on a flight again.

Do you feel safe in the knowledge that you will be able to use Wi-Fi on flights, when we are constantly asked to turn our devices onto Flight Mode?



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