iPhone 4 Jailbreak: More fun with Cydia/Rock.app merger

By Peter Chubb - Sep 26, 2010

Just think how great it would be if you were able to have all the best jailbroken apps all in one place? Well that will soon be a possibility thanks to the upcoming merger of Cydia and Rock Your Phone. Once the new features from this merger are complete you will see a slew of enhancements to the Cydia store.

Those of you who were not afraid to jailbreak their iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.1 will be pleased with the considerable improvements that are to come, which Redmond Pie explains in detail.

We can tell you briefly that three of these improvements are as follows: Allowing you to download current Rock apps from Cydia, the best part is that there will be no repeat charge.

The second is talk of being allowed to rate apps, as well as offer what you thought about them. Thirdly is the ability to backup all packages that you currently have installed in your Cydia software application.

There is no denying that this Cydia/Rock.app merger will be a lot of fun to those iPhone 4 users who have jailbroken them. We have no idea on a release date, but Redmond Pie suspects that it could be on the same day as the new GreenPois0n jailbreak, what do you think?

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  • Raptor007

    I hate that Rock.app doesn't work anymore. It was a MUCH better interface than Cydia.

  • Carlos

    to jailbreak the iphone 4.1 firmware, go to limera1n.com, scroll down on the page to download and open

  • Gene Youance

    There’s a jailbreak out for the iPhone4 running on 4.1?

    Please respond via email if you can

    • Louis

      How do I jailbreak the iPhone4 running on 4.1?