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Halo: Reach Easter Egg – Master Chief Statue

Fans of the Halo series were all upset when they learned that Master Chief would not be a character in Halo: Reach, so just imagine how surprised gamers were when they noticed a lone statue of this awesome hero on this new game, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

Finding the statue has to be one of the best Easter Eggs yet, but it will take hours of extra gaming to locate it. He is not a huge statue as he appeared in other maps, this time he is miniature – but he is still there for us to admire.

One happy Xbox 360 user was allowed to publish his instructions on Strengthgamer , visit the website now to find out how to locate the Master Chief statue in Halo: Reach. Good job you was not looking last night, as we reported that there was an issue with the Halo 3 servers.

Have you found him yet?

We recently asked if you think that Halo: Reach is a disappointment, we would still like to know what you think?



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