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F1 2010 Problems: Freezing, Bugs and Errors – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Codemasters released F1 2010 a couple of days ago to much fan fare, but it seems all is not well with the game as we are hearing of some bugs and errors being discovered.

Iain of Thegamingreview is asking was the game rushed by Codemasters, and with elongated pit stops and AI drivers not pitting at all, is not really a good thing. There has been reports of some people having frequent freezing and locking up on the Xbox 360. Users of all formats are reporting corrupt saved data.

Another problem on all formats is the race results not portraying actual results, and damage having no effect on AI or user cars. There seems to be problems over grip with reports of having loads even in the wet. Nearly all of the problems reported are affecting all formats of the game, and is quite a long list so far. Use the link to see the full list of reported bugs.

Have you been playing F1? Did you notice any bugs or errors?


  • Ragnarok 1664

    Downloaded the patch now, ive seen some improvements (mainly the timing screen) but ive seen some screw up too. AI cars are now so slow that its impossible to get in a clean lap because you always catch them, and in corners they always get in the way. Its even worse trying to qualify now than before, sure before they were aggrevatingly aggressive but at least if u started the lap on a clear lap you would usually be ok because they were so quick, but now you can start on a clear lap and catch a car within few corners, its one extreme to the other. Codemasters need to listen, why didnt they just do the sensible thing i suggested and MAKE AI PLAYERS GOASTS IN QUALIFYING! Jesus!


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