F1 2010 Problems: Freezing, Bugs and Errors – PS3, Xbox 360, PC

By Gary Johnson - Sep 26, 2010

Codemasters released F1 2010 a couple of days ago to much fan fare, but it seems all is not well with the game as we are hearing of some bugs and errors being discovered.

Iain of Thegamingreview is asking was the game rushed by Codemasters, and with elongated pit stops and AI drivers not pitting at all, is not really a good thing. There has been reports of some people having frequent freezing and locking up on the Xbox 360. Users of all formats are reporting corrupt saved data.

Another problem on all formats is the race results not portraying actual results, and damage having no effect on AI or user cars. There seems to be problems over grip with reports of having loads even in the wet. Nearly all of the problems reported are affecting all formats of the game, and is quite a long list so far. Use the link to see the full list of reported bugs.

Have you been playing F1? Did you notice any bugs or errors?

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  • James

    when i play F1 2010 on my PC it takes 10 min to do a 1.27 min lap it is very slow

  • Yorgs

    (PS3) I have a loading glitch. The game stops loading or jams once I get past the main introduction screen on the way to loading the general area where you can select Time Trials, My F1 Career and go into your team’s Motorhome or do a short race. I have tried on numerous occasions but it refuses to load and simply freezes. I am wondering if that is $90 (AUS) down the drain.

  • Anthony

    I was competing at monaco and after a really entertaining race i finished seventh and the engineer tells me i've won and gives me 25 points! Not the way i like to win a race! This game is both brilliant and dissapointing!

  • evert

    I have a lot of problems. When I want to start a race, the game starts to load. But then it crashes and return to windows.

  • Darrell

    PC once minimized once you can not play it again in full screen, you can maximize it but it only maximizes the window not the game instance. Oh and now I have installed windows 7 the game doesn't recognize my Logitech Dual Action gamepad even though windows does…. disappointing to say the least. Game is great when it was working and I could enjoy it.

  • Graham Doran

    I also found my new game is freezing. I bought it based on all the hype. To be honest a waste of money by me, but happily in the pocket of Codemasters

  • GrahamD

    I am getting freezing within the game. All is fine loading up, but when in practice the first couple of laps are ok until you pit. When you go to return to the track, then it all happens. Freezing for about 6 times per lap. This continues when you go into the qualifying & then into the race. The freezes let fewer as the race/time goes on.
    Do Codemasters have a fix for this yet ?

  • Ragnarok 1664

    Downloaded the patch now, ive seen some improvements (mainly the timing screen) but ive seen some screw up too. AI cars are now so slow that its impossible to get in a clean lap because you always catch them, and in corners they always get in the way. Its even worse trying to qualify now than before, sure before they were aggrevatingly aggressive but at least if u started the lap on a clear lap you would usually be ok because they were so quick, but now you can start on a clear lap and catch a car within few corners, its one extreme to the other. Codemasters need to listen, why didnt they just do the sensible thing i suggested and MAKE AI PLAYERS GOASTS IN QUALIFYING! Jesus!

  • secret

    When I play,the car don't steer where i want and starts to accelerate and brake.

  • Hidalgo

    Yesterday I had a big bug on my F1 on Xbox360. I finished in 3rd position but the two first pilots don't stop in the pitlane in all the race.

    Anybody have had the same problem??

  • Tinnud

    Looks like Codemasters have been listening. I applied their new patch last night and it appears to address most of the issues raised. Not much help considering I've had to restart the flippin' game 3 times already but hey ho, we'll see if they have indeed sorted it!

  • Ragnarok 1664

    another problem ive spotted is AI cars not slowing down to the mandatory speed in the pit lane. When i was racing in valencia i was over 2 seconds ahead of sutil. I entered the pits and sutil followed me in, as i down the pit lane at the 61 mph i could see sutil gaining on me down the pit lane until he ended up right behind me before entering his pitbox, he must have been exceeding the speed by some margine, needless to say that he got ahead of me upon exiting because i had to wait to let him through, but if the game had made him go at the proper pit lane speed i would have got out in front because i was well ahead. :/

  • alesantiago

    My game on PS3 has a lot of lags, for example, on Monaco at sector 3 I can't drive and the radio sometimes works, sometimes don't.
    This game is good, but too many bugs.

  • Deano

    Can only play online if I am host
    cant enter existing games wtf.

  • Ashley Bsingh

    I got the game on PS3 i was in my 12th Race after Q3 i return to padock.when i started the game its says corrupted data….So can someone tell me when the update will be out???

  • Ragnarok 1664

    A puncture?, in the middle of a clean track?, with no debris?, on fresh tires? Get real codemasters, i want my £40 back…

  • chud

    in qualifying when u go off track and use rewind you time zeros and u do lap in 35 sec, also the computer cars dont dive up the inside to overtake , but still fantastic game

  • Brian Russell

    I bought this game today and once loaded I was entering my name details when it CRASHED, screen seized etc. I re-booted the Xbox360 but now the Xbox has siezed , with RED FALSHING LIGHTS round the switch!!!!! so I have not yep layed the dame game!!!

  • ive been playing F1 since it came out in september and up to now ive had 3 saved data corupt im getting very annoyed with it now…looked forward to this game coming out for 7 month so very disappointed in it as u can imagine.

    • F1 fan

      see my post for the workaround F1 fan

  • Ragnarok 1664

    oh yeah something else! online you cannot kick players during the game, and the game host cannot kick either. This is an almighty flaw when u consider the amount of people who ruin the game because of reckless driving. Another thing is that there is not enough time to setup a car for a race if somebody else selects "go to track". Thats really not fair, its should be when everybody is ready because many newbs dont care about setup and just want to race. :/

  • Ragnarok1664

    Ah, while i remember, a few other thing. Wet weather isnt anything like a slippy as what i though i should be, sometimes lap times are only compromised my 10 seconds even in extreme conditions. Spinning at low speed (in hairpins ect) in the dry with full lock on without any power being applied (coasting) is unrealisic, ive never seen that happen to any f1 driver in dry conditions. Also i was thinking about the best way to play the game, i use a ps3 controller which gives me unsatifactory control over the car, u cant fine tune your steering, its either full lock or none at all, thus to drive decently with a ps3 controller u have to be constantly flick the analogue stick which ruins smoothness. Whats the best techneque? is there a steering wheel i can buy, or whole getting a PSmove be a good idea?

  • Ragnarok1664

    Online poses problems too, manly because people drive like idiots (thats not codemasters fault), i got really pissed off once because i was behind somebody on the track and trying to slipsteam him in the middle of the straight, he saw what i was doing and slammed his brakes on perpose, i was disqualified from the race because of the underhanded actions of some pathetic loser. Had that happened in a real f1 race he probably have been arrested for attempted murder. But no all the stupid computer though was " penalty" :/

  • Ragnarok1664

    This is a racing game that should be fantastic, and fails miserably. Graphics and game gameplay are immense, but the issue of penalties ruin the whole game. This has made the game extremely frustrating and im becoming rapidly more disappointed. Getting punctures from riding a curb is a joke, ive never seen any f1 car get a puncture from slimply riding a curb. There are many times when ive been the victim of an accident and been hit from another car, yet i am the one awarded a penalty (ive never seen any AI player given a penalty, which is appauling given that they can drive unfairly too). Codemaster need to understand that computers have no understanding of emphathy and real life situations and cannot make decisions that real f1 stewards make, its just set my parameters (and badly) AI cars dont make enough mistakes, much less than real f1 drivers. Its stupid that every race on the game finishes with all the cars intact with no incidents.

  • ahmed

    you what guys we bought this game for 40 quids and look at errors they loadss, and thats really sucks they need to update it asap, pit takes 30 sec what the hell is that,and the laptimes errors, the game is nice and very realistic driving simulation, circuits look well good,but these errors just make it so boring

  • ian

    My F1 2010 xbox 306 keeps freezing after the 4th note when it goes through its loading phaze. Seems to me there are a few problems with this… bought it off Amazon, any ideas what is happening about this and what is best to do ?

  • Andy

    some of the comments r a surprise to me i think some of the gamers dont know much about f1 with the reports about pits & the the car going faster than you once you have over taken it lol also maybe the ghost car problem has something to do with the ghost setting not sure havent tried it yet but same thing happens online sometimes anyway got the game 1 day before release & it works fine maybe because its on the pc dont know no save problems or glitches runs great the only problem i have had is online with a few friends trying to link to there games has connection error & spits me out when track is loading but if i host no problems not sure if thats a bug or there internet is crap !!! cool game though

  • Derm

    It seems we've got lots of different glitches and bugs across different platforms. I get three days of playing on ps3 and then it freezes. I delete any saved data and start again, but online times and level is saved. No third sector times, AI start race at qualifying pace, rain whilst looks great is too grippy, held in garage for ages but no cars pass, impossible to drive with TC off on controller, getting warned for breathing on any car within 2 ft. But it'll be a good game when sorted and the graphics are stunning.

  • Matt

    Been playing this for 3 days on & off and to be honest I'm NOT impressed! Damage & wear is unrealistic, I keep getting constant freezes which makes cornering consistently a real pain – OK so-far I haven't had any issues with save files but I've not played the career part of the game long enough for that to be an issue I suspect but it really does seem like Codemasters have released an unfinished and very glitchy game. I'll probably wait & see what get's fixed with the patches that MUST be coming, but if ALL the issues aren't addressed I'll be trading this one in.

    All in all- Very un-impressed!!!!!!!!

  • F1 fan

    check http://www.dotsperiod.com/557/f1-2010-save-proble… for info how to avoid file currupt as best as u can

  • chri

    bought it on friday tried to play again on saturday but will not load my ps3 just freezes as it is trying load the game so i can not even get in it to play any mode will it help if i delete my profile and start again HELP!!

  • Johnny T.

    Hi, All

    Which steering wheel works the best with F1?

  • Rob Shaw

    All fine on xbox360. No car damage on easy mode but played it on hard and damage seemed more realistic.

  • M@tT

    I really don't think I have ever played a racing game with so many bugs and glitches, If you pit on the recomended lap you get held up in the pit for upwards of 20s, AI cars drive right through my car like ghosts, Damage has little to no effect on AI cars , Penalties are inconsitent and you can be penalised for bumping into someone else in the breaking zone, Damage is far to un-sensitive and the objectives and race results can be unrealistic. The Car tuning is very very very poor changes have little to no effect, Overall this game isnt even as good as F1 championship edition by Sony for the PS3. Back to the drawing board codies.

  • kennyvin

    i got it on ps3 and was racing in canadian grand prix and i was 7th and then finished and it said i was 19th ne one else had this trouble please let me know

    • Dexter

      maybe you’ve got -10sec penalty


      if you incurred any time penalties during the race they are added on at the end of the race. As for me its freezing on the 4th race practice. the loading thing just keep spinning. good elsewise

  • Dan C

    Just came back to play this game on my PS3, having completed the first race last night, only to receive a message saying 'data corrupted' when it tried to load my previous autosave. Most annoyed, and won't be playing it again until I read that Codemasters have released a patch, or at least a simple work around. Shame, as I've been waiting for this game for a while, and so far have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • dan

    The graphics and the detail to the curcuits are amazing, but thats where it ends, the main menu is a re-hash from dirt 2 and the interview segment is a waste of time as it adds nothing to the game.

    There also isnt the authentic timing screens, its really hard to work out the gaps between each car, in previous versions they have use the timing images thats used on the TV.

    The other down side is the serious lack of post race stats, theres no info on your driver history to show where you came in previous races or a trophy cabinet to show for your hard work.

    And i havent even mentioned the the bugs where your car plummets through the track when you ride along some walls…oh wait…

    Also i have noticed that some cars dont pit and also I have been 3 seconds a lap faster than the AI then after my stop the AI matches my previous lap times. One more thing was in qualifying i over took vetel and some how his lap time was faster??

  • start_rek

    freezing for me on ps3

  • rob

    got it on friday no plobs, works great, play great, using force feedback wheel

  • dks soap

    Ive posted an earlier comment, and now the up date. Corrupted save game. NOT FUNNY. I now have 2 options, take it back for a refund, or wait till the gliches and bugs are sorted.

  • Chris

    The pit stops aren’t long, other cars are leaving and blocking the pit lane. Change strategy and win! Race results are fair, but penalties are not added transparently, which is causing confusion.

    Different paradigm for racers = don’t try and apply old knowledge of arcade racers.

    I loves it.

  • F1 Fan

    I had no issues with this game… it's fantastic i said…. then about 2 hours ago my mate told me about some of the issues and said have you had any …no i replyed…. unitll 2 mins later when i tryed to load my game save and it said it was currupt…..

  • F1 Fan

    I had no issues with this game… it's fantastic i said…. then about 2 hours ago my mate told me about some of the issues and said have you had any …no i replyed…. unitll 2 mins later when i tryed to load my game save and it said it was currupt…..
    If you get this don't start a new carrer….. switch off autosave … and just race online untill codemasters can get off their butts and get a patch together….. other than that….nothing else you can do..

  • Jed

    Got on release day for my 360 and have had no issues what so ever. Great game and A.I very goo.

  • jon

    Got Friday and have had all of the above error's on my Xbox.
    Currupt game save.
    No effect on A.I. car with no front wing.
    A.I. cars being able to drive through sections of my car with a glass effect instead of making contact

  • mushi mush

    Got my ps3 copy on Friday and spent long weekend playing it. i have to say that game looks a bit rushed but we can give a credit to codies – thats their first BIg project and it looks good! No freezing or bugs noticed so far. Driving is pretty hard so dont listen comments where they say its easy. Its easy for them couse they set all assists and use contollers instead of wheel. Take off all assistance and set the AI on high + get a steering wheel. This game is the best so far on ps3 for steering wheel. Response is just fantastic and gets you as close as possible to the real racing event. During the weekend i never finished on the podium bearing in mind i find myself a hardcore racing fan. i drove Lotus and managed to qualify 9th and finished 7th (50% circuit). Sweat was pouring down my face + wheel is feeling every inch on the circuit and force feedback adds that missing bi to the full excitement. Hope that F1 2011 will be much better but this one is worth money!! 8/10

  • Mat

    Mine has said load save data corrupt twice now, so annoying when you are doing a career, hope codemasters sort this out soon?

  • dks soap

    I was 6th in monaco when the call came for me to pit in, took 30 seconds before i was released. Then i was called in for a second time. after that i was given a drive through for no reason. Online is a bit pooh. had to dash board a race, as it never even started. Other than that, im loving it.

  • shadow

    this game sucks..keeps freezing on 360
    Wait 4 patch…

  • Cecpiil

    soon as I tried to play it on my ps3 I got error 80010514 ;( So now my ps3 is going to the shop 🙁

  • danny

    i bought it friday no glitches 4 me the game's awesome only like pratik said about the pit stop when loads in you end up at the back of the pack which is annoying.. but apart from that nowt..

  • Matt

    Every time I load up the game my save data corrupts and I need to start from scratch. Wasted £40 on this game which is essentially a buggy beta test.

  • Dissi_uk (PSN ID)

    I got the game on launch day but have stopped playing it until it's patched. I was really pleased with myself by getting a Lotus into 9th place in Melbourne only for the game to decide I'd won by an entire lap!

  • Plays great on my PC – all settings on highest at 1920×1200. Very impressed with it as I've not got the very latest hardware yet it runs smoothly and looks amazing!

  • Name

    No bugs or glitches so far for me! (on a PS3)
    The game is very fun!
    Although, playing on 720p and driving past pit-stops, the game lags slightly.

  • Pratik Gajjar

    I bought this on release day for PS3, it looks rushed but AI do pit. There doesn't look like any damage to gearboxes, engines, chassis and all that. There is punctured tyres and cars being totalled so they have to pull out of the weekend.

    The game does seem a little rushed but it's well and very competitive. The image on wing mirrors seem laggish and that problem which everyone should know by now… Having to wait in the pits whilst everyone leaves. Which then leaves you at thye back of the pack!

    Honestly at the end of the day… You shouldn't be crashing into your opponents and use the race strategy option to set your pit stops to 1 lap earlier.

    • Valentino Ronaldo

      exactly! my problem with f1 2010 is that AI is way too easy! i can win on some tracks with a Virgin on legend, with no assist( no TC and no ABS)….the game lags when you choose the helmet camera.

  • I bought the game on its release date (Last Friday) on Playstation 3 and there have been no bugs or freezes. Plus its an awesome game!

    • Don

      Wicked good game, PS3 here. Logitech G27 wheel and ZERO traction control and abs with the difficulty setting on hardest or next to hardest is where it's at. Running with STR in my first career season at the moment while currently leading the driver's championship after 7 races with 5 podiums(3 race wins). The wet is AMAZING ! A little too good of grip in my opinion but great effects and a 8.5/10 from me. F1 2011 will be ridiculous.