Exclusive: COD Black Ops Zombies – Video Shows Zombie

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 26, 2010

It looks like the idea of Call of Duty Black Ops getting zombies is pretty much confirmed unofficially, which has been helped by the information earlier today about the Co-Op Mode reveal that involved some tweets by Josh Ollin.

Today we have some exclusive information that seems to confirm zombies in COD Black Ops. Below you can see an image that was taken from a video showing a Black Ops montage of Black Ops gameplay, and at 1:11 of the video you could see what seems to be a zombie before the flamethrower toasts it.

The video is shown below this post, and if you jump to 1:09 and watch the person move at 1:11 you can see the movements clearly are those of a zombie. Check out the video below and let us know what you think, we have watched it many times and we’re pretty convinced that is a zombie.

We hope they bring much more than just surviving in Black Ops zombies, and one idea we liked was a spec ops mission like in MW2, where one of you will be a chopper gunner killing zombies while the other tries to get to a point on the map.

Will you want more than just surviving in the next zombies, and do you agree that the video below shows a zombie?

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  • I looked forward to this game and pre-ordered it as many of us did. Played a few levels and had to check out the multiplyer mode. Have to say I was VERY disappointed. The graphics look very boxy and reminded me of the first Doom, especially the map with the grass lawn and dummies standing around (WTF)…the grass looked so artificial and the mannequins (sorry…civilians)looked so out of place…if they really wanted to have people there they should have made them more realistic and have them move around but I guess that would be asking too much given the fact that the players faces look amazingly pixelized. But I guess the biggest disappointment was the sound effects..and I mean ALL sound effects. Cobra attack helis are as quiet as cobra snakes and you can hardly hear them when they are around…end of game sounds are really lame and lack drama.

  • trev

    how do you turn on power


    faggit what a liar

  • Timm

    If you actuallyy watch the video on YouTube, you can see the kill feed so it isn't zombies…

  • hunter

    haha the dude gets hit with a bullet before he shoots the flamethrower its not a zombie..fail.

  • LJf

    Why would there be zombies when your doing gameplay missions??

  • Hanoro

    LOL no, just no tragedyeliotness, NO.
    not in cod.

  • Tragedyeliotness

    maybe in multiplayer you can play as a zombie against the others thats why there was a name above his head ???

  • There are no nazi zombies in the game because there are no nazis in most of the gameplay.

  • TJjj

    Alright yeah cause there just happened to be a random zombie with a gun in multiplayer. dumbasses

  • guest

    Yea that is definitely not a zombie, he was strafing and reloading at the same time. I wish people would use their common sense and realize obvious things like this retarded mistake.

  • mola ram

    The player was just reloading, thats why he looked strange. stupid idiots

  • stfu & gtfo

    lol retard

  • LUIS




    • zim

      where's the alien, i tried find it and i dont see it carefully. =

  • lolfag

    How could you ever think that was a zombie?

  • Tim

    You are fucking dumb

  • blahhh

    yeah pretty sure that's not a zombie since the dude took damage from 10 feet away from the "zombie", so i'm guessing you are wrong. Also, there are different names popping up at the bottom left of the screen, something that probably would not be implemented in a zombie mode

  • Nick VanderKooi

    I will say this to anyone….
    Black Ops DOES have Nazi Zombies in it though. If you order the editions (not including the original final product) you will get the original CoD World at War Nazi Zombie map packs with upgraded graphics and guns. There MAY be newer maps too. But that is not proven yet. We can only hope. If you get at least the Harden Edition, you will get the packs. Its about 80 dollars so save up and do it quickly cause time is running out. You are welcome guys.

    • jhnjohn

      no you fucking isnt stop sending fake comments like that and why wud there be nazi zombies if its in the middle of modern and world at war plus its not zombies dumbass its call co op training it says on xbox live by the makers and you can put bots down but i promise there is no zombies in this

  • Ape


    Thanks for quoting my idea. And it looks definitely like a zombie. Have a good one.

  • soulreaper

    It had a rank on it. Maybe its a game mode where you play as zombies?

  • I kind of always felt that this was confirmed through Amazon in a way. If you preorder either of the special edition versions of the game, it says that it comes with 4 co-op maps that aren't included in the regular version. You would think that these 4 maps are probably Zombie maps and the regular version owners will have to pay extra later for them as DLC… or maybe you can't get them???? I doubt that though.

    • ben

      the 4 co-op maps are zombies but they are the world at war maps

  • Jake

    Just watched this video and it definitely isn't a zombie, that would mean that zombies are in multiplayer. You can also see that he gets hurt by the "zombie" which is just a guy shooting him. Honestly I don't see how you could construe this as a zombie.

  • Well, you guys may want to get your eyes checked since obviously that is from a multiplayer deathmatch. A zombie wouldn't have someones name pop up if you killed them and wouldn't have a name above their head.

  • Waddo

    cmon thats obviously not a zombie!!
    firstly there was never a zombie with a name over his head like the guy in 1:11
    u could also see a killhistory to the left side
    u also see the player name come up at the bottom
    and since when do u get points like that for killing a zombie
    this post is a major FAIL!!

  • Will

    that was not a zombie!!!!

  • Joe

    That is obviously another player. Are you that retarded?

  • Dom

    he looks like hes just aiming and walking not a zombie but who knows i hope zombies are in the game!

  • Anthony

    No dude if you look at 1:12 he is clearly holding a gun and not a zombie

    • Anthony

      ever heard of a under barrel flame thrower…

      • Togo

        Dude ur lost.. wat r u talking bout the flamethrower for..?


    Its a player. Look at the name above the "zombies head". It does not look like a zombie after it starts walking like a normal player.

  • Mark

    Not a zombie, he’s just aiming his gun awkwardly and the poster of the video is lying.