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Xbox 360 Owners: Do you want these 5 PS3 exclusives?

There has always been this great divide between the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3, not just with users, but with the games as well. Most games are cross platform these days, but there are still those exclusive to each console. However, there has to be certain PS3 games that you would love to see on the 360?

Jake Sullivan from MSXbox-World is a true Xbox 360 fan, but he is not afraid to say which 5 PS3 exclusives owners would like to see on Microsoft’s console. From the five, I am not certain if he has listed them in order, as he counts from five downwards?

The five titles are as follows: Valkyria Chronicles, God of War III, Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 5 and inFamous 2. Gran Turismo 5 is a surprising one to me; whenever we speak about the game we seem to get a few negative comments from Xbox 360 users. We would like to know if there are those out there who would love to see this game on the 360? – It would certainly be interesting to see how the game would perform.

What looks to be the number one PS3 exclusive on the Xbox 360 wish list is inFamous 2. OK, so we know that the game is not even on the PS3 yet that does not happen until 2011. However, this is one game that would be perfect for the Xbox 360, but would you agree?

Do you want these five PS3 exclusives on the Xbox 360? If not what others would you like to see?


  • George

    God of war 3 and metal gear.two very good reasons im switching to ps3 in a couple of months..

  • Guest

    360, PS3, PC

    One of these is a more useful tool than the others. How many of you own a console and DONT own a PC?

    My point is made.

    • Gary

      i do ass wipe!

  • LeViZ

    I agree with Jack & pop, The xbox has no where near the varied genres of IP's that are on the Playstation. LBP , Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 have no comparisons in teh same league on Xbox , and as for shooters we all have COD , MoH etc , I haven'y played the new Halo Reach because I lost interest after the previous dull Halo's the first one was brilliant for the time but not much has changed, Killzone and its accuracy has enticed me more recently. Digital content is all well and good but only for the people who are surrounded by the infrastructure to support such useage, My internet is very good however if I went to some of my friends house and downloaded some of the digital content on the stores or market places I'd be waiting for some time. Blu ray suffices very well as the current Media format. They don't use the tag line "if only does everything" for no reason , media server, motion control, free online, 3D, Blu ray player, some of the best exclusive around, lower failure rate, and Hardware that is good for a few years

  • Jack

    How can LittleBigPlanet 1&2 not be on the list?! Name me one 360 game that is even in the same genre let alone as good as LBP. LBP has to be the most impressive, original game of this generation. It is much more engaging and interactive then "boom, headshot" over and over and over. Plus its light-hearted and fun, no need to be all stressed and disrespectful like players of Call of Duty.

  • Pop

    Lol what a load of tripe! BTW God of war was around before Gears of war .
    the article is just produced to entice flamebait.
    most of the comments are from Xbox users who have no clue what a decent title is if it hit them square in their eyes.
    GoW1,2 & 3 had some of the best gameplay and storylines going , Heavy Rain has no competition, Uncharted 2 has no competition.
    the future will be Playstation long after Microsoft

  • 360 fabn

    stop saying GoW please. Us 360 owners know GoW as Gears of War, not God of War 😉

    • Mornelithe

      God of War was out first, come up with your own acronym.

  • Tony

    I believe it a well know fact that PS3 Games with their hugh gigs of data is only necessary because Bluray only spins at 2X compared to DVD 12x. Data can be taken from DVD effortlessly while Bluray can not extract data that fast therefore the data can not be compressed and needs to be laid out uncompressed in order for a game to run of the disk. Just look at all the mandatory installs needed for PS3 games. While PS3 may have a slight advantage it is not ground breaking and if you want to wait 20-30 minuites just for the PS3 to Download, install, Update, dowload, install a game bofore you ever get to play it, I do not see multiple DVD as a big deal.

  • Joshua Garrett

    I own both and only have one game for the PS3. That’s Heavy Rain. GT5 looks good yeah, but it has yet to evolve with the auto industry. And until it does that it’ll be 2nd class in my book. GOW never pulled me in at all. Tried it and didn’t really think it was all that good. Just my two cents.

  • crapgamer

    No thanks. I own all the consoles, but I play Xbox 360 strictly online. XBox live is far superior and the voice chat system is just set up better for competitive gaming. I had high hopes for the PS3, but trophies just seem a huge ripoff of Achievements and not all PS3 games support them, so you have no real satisfying feeling for beating the games.
    I prefer Project Gotham Racing or Forza to the Gran Turismo series, I mean realistic racing sim with realistic damage compared to a game with neither.
    I hated Killzone 1 & 2, God Of War 3 was fun, but not worth buying, it's a gamefly and 6 hour beat for me. Same with Infamous. Now day's games need great online multiplayer and that is 360 territory.
    So any exclusives on PS3 should stick there and vice versa.

    • Mornelithe

      Apparently, you haven't been paying attention, as GT5 does have damage (As well as a slew of other new additions that you've probably not looked into). Of course, I question your definition of 'realistic' as no racing game currently uses actual realistic impact damage.

  • Blu- ray just Rules!!!!!!!

  • jimmeh

    … they are still going to produce the dual layer 50Gig so whats the issue.. btw all you fuckin 360 lovers out thier.. your console goes abouslte in a week.. cause microsoft cant stand but jip people for cash and realse a new reveison every other day

  • Darliebb

    Demon's Souls is awesome if it was on the xbox 360 it would be more popular

  • chris

    Man this site is fail and starts a shit fight for nothing lol iseewhatyoudidthere

  • Interestx

    Oh and btw, I hope you enjoy your obsolete Blu-ray.
    The 128gb version they are now pushing is not compatible with your PS3.

    Way to confuse a market barely established.

    • Anon2

      "a market barely established." … what?

    • Nick V.

      Actually I have the 128gb version and it works fine.

    • Gary

      lol they have already started work on a 4 layer 100 gb disc thats compatable.

  • Interestx

    "there is no flippin way that God of war 3 at its full 1080P uncompressed format would make it onto the Xbox 360 on 3 dics"

    Look guys, wake up.
    Blu-ray on PS3 has not led to bigger better games, just loads and loads of boring (especially by the 3rd or 4th time) 1080p cut scenes.

    Big deal.

    A few discs doesn't bother me – who cares about a mere container – with a 250gb hard drive we can stop worrying about discs altogether & start using DLC properly to go way beyond DVD if needed – which currently certainly doesn't look the case.

    Wii & Xbox & PC all use DVD without a problem & destroy PS3 in sales.


    Sour grapes much?

    • jiimeh

      Are you retarted? thier is no way we are going to shit everything over to pure digital content anytime soon… and yes it does, the more space you have the more room for content.. I.e new fresh and amazing games from sony.. none of this halo 5 bullshit

    • Mornelithe

      Actually, the biggest problem with game sizes exceeding a normal dual layer DVD is the fact that Microsoft charges more money for extra discs used in a games launch. The point isn't that they have cutscenes rendered at 1080p, the point is to do so on the 360 costs developers more money on top of their current overhead.

      As for DLC, you're simply fooling yourself if you think the console gaming world is ready for that kind of bandwidth consumption. To say nothing of movies that are actually using uncompressed video and lossless audio. Broadband in the States is simply not that robust. Japan, maybe, but not North America.

    • Nick V.

      DVD 's do not work on Wii. Probably if it is hacked. Xbox 360 had an unfortunate fail when HD DVDs fell into the black hole. PS3 had the strange epic win because Blue Ray won over HD DVD. It was a competitive fight and the winner won it. There are great games there. Its like Xbox 360, some games were bad and some were good. You probably did not have the taste for God of War. Heavy Rain is a good game. That game will NEVER NEVER go to Xbox 360. Xbox 360 would have to change their system entirely. So you don't have to be such a dick, PS3 hater…..
      I don't hate the Xbox 360. I though it was great. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 is falling apart. The Kinetic will fail. Not a single gun game is being made. PS3 Move has a game already releasing soon: Time Crysis or something like that. Xbox 360 is going more "kid-friendly", the membership payment is going up and everything like that. Halo 4 is not being made by Bungie but by another company. Its a huge mess. PS3 is just hiding in the shadows, striking at the right moment. So I would NOT be talking.

  • Zen

    @ Above comment

    Not true, Graphics are extremely similar.

    • bob

      Not really, the PS3 has superior hardware, it's why it is more expensive

      • Timothy

        the cell processor is better on the 360 and blu ray or no bluray the 360 fps is still upper 30's when the ps3 is only 25

    • Nick VanderKooi

      You actually wrong. It does matter. These games are built for Blue Ray. It has the Blue Ray logo on it making the graphics more powerful than the Xbox 360. Go look up on Google differences between graphics between PS3 and Xbox 360.

    • nathan

      not to mention u dont have 7 spu's run by a cell processor, bam that just happened

  • dhajjsajdt

    PS3 exclusives like Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 are too much for the 360 hardware to handle anyways….

    • Nick VanderKooi

      So is Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain needs a Dual Shock mimic or some type of controller with motion detection. Kinetic would absolutely fail on that one. Heck, Kinetic will fail all together for extreme gamers that is. Families? Maybe not.

  • JImmeh

    Sure, if you want to have 3-5 disc's a game lol. The capacity Bluray brings is unrelieved on the Xbox, there is no flippin way that God of war 3 at its full 1080P uncompressed format would make it onto the Xbox 360 on 3 dics (The game uses 40+ gigs of space) and GT5 is well north of that number. I used to own a 360, than traded it in cause it had more problems than Lindsay Lohan, and got a PS3. Sure u dont get those memorable Halo titles your grew up with but the fact that they can handout amazingly diverse and solid games with dope quality is something the Xbox is soon going to lose cause they're running out of room…. fast. If they believe they're console will last another 3 years they had better find a new format to support they're disc's or else you will see a shift in 3rd part development and quality of 360 games

    • Jon

      40 gig memory? I doubt it. That’s half of the memory on an 80gig ps3.

      • adam

        ha 40 gig on the disk, i hope this was a joke

      • bob

        He means 40 gigs of disc space not hdd space, he's underestimated it tho, it uses 3 BD's which are 25gb a piece, so it'll be closer to 60gb+ that's around 15 dvds

      • Jimmeg

        yes bud.. maybe read a lil before you start thinking you know shit =) it may help so u dont get burned in the future

      • jon is stupid

        jon… you are kind of stupid… he means that it takes 40 gigs out of the 50 of the blu-ray disc, not the ps3

  • Interestx

    Xbox covers every genre pretty well, last time I looked there were 700+ Xbox 360 games and another 300+ Arcade & Xbox mk1 games you can play on the Xbox 360 without any messing around.
    PS3 has less than 500 games on offer.

    Is GT5 going to be so much better than Forza 3?
    I doubt it.
    Maybe it will be, a bit.
    But I'm not missing it, or any of the other handful of exclusives PS3 has, there's too much already on Xbox to enjoy.
    But if they want to port them to Xbox 360 then ok, go ahead, I'm sure they'd sell ok.

    I'm happy to know I have the machine that 9 times out of 10 gets the, by far, best of the 3rd party games.
    As well as some excellent Xbox exclusives of our own.
    (and no, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest of the entire Xbox catalogue got ported to PC or PS3)

    I bought a games console which also happens to be an excellent media hub with my PC, I already have a Blu-ray standalone.
    So I just don't see the point or need in buying a PS3 for a handful of well reviewed exclusive games.

    • John

      Fan boy much or just paid by xbox to write the comment. Glad you got over the 3 red rings.

      • JohnIsADouche

        Hi John,unfortunately PS3 blows as mucch as you do. Mine collects dust. Online is more fun on a 5 year old Nokia phone.

    • bob

      If you're going to include original xbox games in the number for the 360 then you have to include all the ps1 and ps2 games in the number for ps3

    • You loser

      Obvious fanboy comments haha what an ass!

    • Mornelithe

      Well, there'll be at least what, 500 more cars than Forza? At _least_? Dynamic Weather, Day/Night transition, Damage, 16-car multiplayer? Forza's a fun game and all, but let's not undercut how much work PD's put into GT5, shall we?

      Just play nice and state your case, no need to bash a game you know next to nothing about.

    • Nick VanderKooi

      Are you counting the PS3 games on PSN as well? Just because Xbox 360 have more games doesn't mean their better or even great. Kinetic will fail no doubt unless you like kid-friendly games I guess. Mass Effect 2 and 3 is coming to PS3 by the way. It be okay to have Halo on PS3. I mean…come on….it has the right controls for it too.

  • Kevin


  • jared L.

    little big planet

    • Nick VanderKooi

      It won't. Cause of the Dual Shock movement on the PS3 controller.

  • Noob

    Xbox 360 and PS3 owner here and I'd have to agree out of those games InFamous 2 is the one I'd love to see on Xbox. None of the rest seem to be worth a port. GT5 looks amazing but I personally don't favor racing games and GoW3's story was very disappointing but it had great graphics.

  • weeeeps3meh

    Meh,GOW3 maybe….

  • dee

    I'm not pining for PS3 games. 360 has a lot of great games. But I'd play Uncharted… and maybe Killzone… if they were available on Xbox.

  • asdofsdfdsfas

    never want to see them in the xbox 360 console it dont match but i would like to see halo on ps3 i have both the consoles the only reson i bought 360 was because of halo

  • Gary

    1. Uncharted 2
    2. Killzone 3
    3. Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots
    4. Heavy Rain
    5. Infamous 2

    • Nick VanderKooi

      Killzone 3 won’t, Metal Gear Solid is already having a game put on PS3 and Xbox 360 (its about Raiden and his sword skills, a slasher game; it won’t release till a while). Heavy Rain will never be able to work well with Xbox 360. I own it. Xbox 360 controller will need a movement controller then. That’s what makes it hard. And Kinetic wont’ work well with it.. Infamous 2: I don’t mind that. I haven’t played it though so I don’t know what to say……
      Uncharted 2 could also belong on Xbox360.
      So no to:
      Killzone 3
      Heavy Rain

      Trust me, it won’t happen.

      • David

        This thread isnt about what will and won't happen, but what games are the better ps3 exclusives that you would want or your 360.


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