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Windows Phone 7: Tethering Support? – Not a chance

We have some surprising and disappointing news to bring you now, as yesterday we told you that tethering support would be an included feature in Windows Phone 7 handsets, but that is actually incorrect according to Microsoft.

As reported from Engadget, we told you how Brandon Watson, Microsoft’s director for WP7 himself said that tethering would be enabled on devices, but it would be up to the carrier on whether it would be an included feature for the users.

Instead Microsoft has now said that Windows Phone 7 handsets will NOT support tethering officially, but as Engadget point out, that doesn’t rule it out from the feature making an appearance in a later build.

Still though, it is a pretty big blow for those of you who got excited at the thought of tethering at launch. Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Neil

    Got the phone, found no tethering – it's going back. Will replace with Android phone. Microsoft take note – ANOTHER CUSTOMER LOST!!

    • Jeff

      Why take it back? Tethering is just an APP the needs to be created! And believe me, it is being developed right now.

  • Guest

    No Tether – no WP7 for me – real bummber been waiting for months…..

  • Neil

    Well that did it for me….. Will be hanging onto my Iphone now… Talk about a disapointment, something as basic as tethering not being available means I would be going backwards in how I currently use my laptop on the road..


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