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Verizon iPhone 4 Update – Pegatron Production starts in November?

We have news of a report that Pegatron is about to begin “volume production” of a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 in November.

Josh Ong of Apple Insider is reporting that sources have said shipments of the device from Pegatron would be likely to reach “3-4 million units in the first three months, and 10 million by mid-2011.” There were rumors back in June that Pegatron had received orders for the CDMA iPhone 4.

The reports at the time said “Pegatron will also start shipping a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 to Apple in the fourth quarter and is currently using its plants in Shanghai, China to produce the products, the sources noted.” Later that month Bloomberg also said that Verizon were set to begin selling the iPhone in January 2011.

According to an analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group overseas suppliers were set to build three million CDMA devices in December for an early 2011 launch. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said on Thursday he hopes Verizon will eventually sell the iPhone on its long-term evolution 4G network, but nothing was said about it coming to the CDMA network. They look set to launch its LTE network in 30 US cities by the end of this year.



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