Verizon iPhone 4: No Agreement with Apple due to Android?

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2010

Despite the fact that rumors are mounting on a possible Verizon iPhone release in early 2011, a fresh report published earlier today has indicated that a deal between Verizon and Apple for the iPhone 4 may never happen.

As reported from Apple Insider, the news has come from Wall Street Analyst Mike Abramsky, who believes that Verizon are holding back on a deal, due to Apple’s demands over the iPhone, demands which could jeopardize Verizon’s growing Android franchise.

Abramsky adds that Apple will not want to play second fiddle to the likes of Verizon’s Android-equipped Droid handsets, with either company unwilling to give in to particular demands.

We told you a few days ago that the Verizon CEO wanted an iPhone for their upcoming LTE 4G network, but Abramsky thinks that won’t happen if Android continues to perform well for the carrier.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you happily trade your Android handset on Verizon aside in favor of an iPhone?

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  • tom

    I had an iphone since they first came out. A recent job change allowed me to have a Verizon Droid at no cost. It was like going back in technology 5 yrs. I miss my iphone – and would get one the day Verizon offers!

  • Nice Guy

    I just bought my wife the Droid X and I myself am an iPhone user. I understand why people who have only ever known Droid would be happy with it and think they would never want an iPhone, but I'll tell you this, I would NEVER switch to Verizon and settle for a Droid if Verizon never got the iPhone and I had to continue with AT&T just to have my iPhone. Unless you've had an iPhone you really don't know what your missing. All of my friends and colleagues say they also would never give up their iPhone, and would continue to deal with AT&T if it meant that was the only carrier of the iPhone. The Droid X is great and if you are reading this and never had an iPhone, get it, you'll love it and won't know any better but if your like me, don't even think that the Droid will fill an iPhone void because it won't. Luckily I got to see both sides and I guess for now if the iPhone stays with AT&T, I will be in company of millions of AT&T customers and suffer through their phone service.

  • Shannon

    I would race to the Verizon store and trade in my Droid this very minute if I could. It is nothing but an Apple Wannabe and has way too many quirks that Apple products do not have.

  • guest

    I can't stand Android O/S & Motorola Droid as it is full of glitches, laggy, and continually restarts. I am getting an iPhone regardless if Verizon gets them. I will gladly pay the cancellation fee and tell Verizon to stick it!

  • Alex

    Lets face it, Android has caught Iphone by the tail. I love my Android phone because it does all the things that I was jealous of in the Iphone. When I am with my friends who have Iphones, I do not feel that I have a lesser phone. I could not be happier with my Droid and will not part with it just to be able to say I have an Iphone. Face it apple, Android is a game changer.

  • Ever

    The only people that will change an Android for an IPhone are those that just don’t think. The iPhone just have a nice look. That’s all! Android rule in everything else.

  • alex

    Have u notice ppl stating they will leave android for a iphone never explain why..let’s face it apple’s iphone was built for looks only

  • Schnooky

    Hey, don't all get worked up so much about Apple products. If you like thrum fine, if not go elsewhere. For me, I too prefer Verizon, but when I had to replace my older Verizon phone, I went with the iPhone, this after already having a 32GB 3G iPad. Love'm both.

  • Cgirl

    I'm so tired of waiting for the Verizon iphone… enough already!! By, now I"m an Android user and I'd have to see and compare phone… not an automatic jump anymore

  • is it just me or is it only the girls who would jump from android to a iphone which might I remind people drops calls like it's going out of style.

  • Jack

    I switched from the iPhone 3G to the G1. Much poorer hardware, but very promising OS. Now, two years later, I have the Vibrant and Android’s leapfrogged Apple in both hardware and software. Would be very difficult for me to downgrade to an iPhone now. As soon as a decent Android tablet comes along (and there isn’t one yet – including the Samsung Tab), out goes my iPad as well.

  • Nathan Rice

    Who in the f*ck are these people that would drop their Android based phones for iPhones? People desire carrier lock-in and for-pay apps? I don't understand this at all.

    Android crushes iPhone in just about every facet. The DroidX crushes iPhone in every way. The only place that is still lacking is the slide out keyboard Android based phones.

    We want a DroidX comparable (or better!) phone. Not a fucking iPhone. The Droid 2 was a joke… weak ass specs, a locked boot loader amongst other yawn-able "features" no wonder it flopped.

    Verizon/Motorola, Android is supposed to be open, quit fucking us with lock-in and other bullshit. We want CHOICES so WE can decide what is best for US! Want to smash Apple? Listen to US, don't decide for us!

  • larry

    I would trade my iPhone for a Droid X any day of the week…oh wait… I DID.

  • zoobear

    Why would you ever trade down to an iPhone? Reason: cuz you’re easily distracted by the shiny marketing lights of Apple and you are not interested in the superior user-defined platform and apps that is known as Droid. Want a fruit phone go to the crap network of AT&T and get one. Let’s also not forget, it’s Apple that is CHOOSING to stay within a sub-standard service provider and not bring it’s product to the open market… why? Because it has never liked competing on a level playing field… and that’s too bad because they clearly build groundbreaking stuff but they just will never change their culture of control mentality and that is too bad indeed.

  • Destardi

    The iphone is for people who like to be told what to do, and no individuality.

    I would never go from a huge screen with live wallpapers and such a high rate of developments to a crippled, non-hdmi out having iphone.

    Android= more choices

    Iphone= this is it

  • George

    Probably not. I don’t know of anyrhing that the I-Phone is capable of that Android phones are not. Maybe the UI is slightly easier and prettier, but not by much and that’s changing quickly. Meanwhile, the variety of Android phones means you can get something that really meets your needs. For example, a physical keyboard is non-negotiable for me, so no way I’m getting an I-0hone anytime soon.

  • Donny

    I have a Droid that is rooted and I can do things with this phone that IPhone owners can only dream of such as wireless tether for free, overclock the CPU, and install custom versions of Android. IPhones are for yuppies who don’t care that Apple tightly controls what they get to do with the phone.

  • Not interested

    Already have had both a Droid (my own) and an iPhone (from work) for months. Won’t take the time to detail the diffs, but greatly prefer the Droid over the iPhone. It’s gotten to the point that the iPhone stays in my work bag.

  • jwade


  • Chris

    I would stick with android. I would actually be disappointed if verizon got the iphone, because I would hate for their attention to switch from the droid series. There are so many possibilities with android because it isn’t controlled by apple.

  • Tech_Bill

    You are really missing the big picture here. It is Apple's anti competitive behavior that is the problem across all the carriers. As this article points out Verizon has a very good Android business. Apple will want Verizon to make the IPhone the lead phone in the network. AT&T customers are already having to deal with this pressure. AT&T customers have only lower end Android phones to choose from because of Apple's anti-competitive behavior.

    As far as the IPhone on ATT performing better that your Droid on Verizon you are comparing Apples to Oranges (sorry for the pun.) The phones use different technologies on different networks. I would love to see an IPhone on Verizon and a very high end Android Phone from Motorola or HTC on ATT. Then we could really tell what this the better phone platform for each specfic network.

    I think it is really time for the FCC and US Dept of Commerce start to investigate Apple for their behavior. I reminds me of Microsoft's behavior that got themselves in trouble a over a decade ago.

    Steve Job's ego has done wonders for Apple, but he cannot be allowed to dictate consumer choices around the world. Consumers need choices, not just IPhones.

  • Beamin

    Hell no. Android runs circles around IOS

  • End2War

    The Droid X does everything the I phone does (except two way video), but the Droid X has a significantly larger screen, great memory size and management, built in coordination with the Google juggernaut that handles PIM stuff great, a better multitasking system than the Apple phone offers, and a better Verizon network with no antenna gate problem, and tethering (for a fee). Android apps are soon going to equal what Apple apps offer. I already have nearly 100 good ones. I also like the 7 home screen set up of Android, which is the fasting growing and most popular operating system now.

  • End2War

    The Droid X does everything the I phone does (except two way video), but the Droid X has a significantly larger screen, great memory size and management, built in coordination with the Google juggernaut that handles PIM stuff great, a better multitasking system than the Apple phone offers, and a better Verizon network with no antenna gate problem, and tethering (for a fee). Android apps are soon going to equal what Apple apps offer. I already have nearly 100 good ones. I also like the 7 home screen set up of Android, which is the fasting growing and most popular operating system now.

    The upgrade to Froyo 2.2 is a significant improvement in speed and operations, and it is incrementally better than 2.1 in many significant ways. Personally, I have tried the Apple phone which is quite good; however, I prefer the Droid X which is a fantastic phone with a rapidly improving operating system and much to recommend it.

    Apple is going to see the same thing happening in phones as happened on the computer… it will continue to offer a great phone, but the open system of android will bring many good phones to market that will bring Android to the dominance that Windows has on the computer.

  • Jimmy

    I would trade my droid for an iphone for sure

  • accell

    No way! I'm using the Droid X and would never downgrade to the iphone!

  • Pjc

    Heck no. the iphone 4 cannot compete with phones like the galaxy s, or droid 2.

  • GARY


    • chris

      Don't Shout

  • Mark T

    I wanted an iPhone in the worst way for years, but didn't want to make the switch to ATT. I bought the Droid X when it came out and I'm completely satisfied. I won't switch to an iPhone when it comes to Verizon.

  • Vincent

    Android is already starting to dominate vs Apple and will continue to do so. I don't want second place, I'll stick with a leader.

  • MeAndMe

    I would also trade my Droid for an IPhone any day of the week.

  • NerveBag

    I wouldn't own an iAnything for all the money in the world. Apple is evil. Their products are WAY overpriced, underfeatured and unreliable (I know from experience… I'm a graphic designer and had to use macs for years, until I convinced my in-house advertising department to switch to PCs, and life has been MUCH smoother). iCrap is made for the technologically illiterate. The iPad? Good lord, what a useless piece of !@#$%. Only Apple could get away with selling such trash, because their customers are morons. They buy this garbage because they're "sheeple" who will buy, watch, believe or swallow anything the mainstream culture has decided is "cool." These are the same retarded wastes who listen to Lady GaGa and Beyonce and watch American Idol and wear Aeropostale, or whatever that stupid clothing is.

    Learn to read. Learn to think. Learn to discriminate good products from good marketing. I actually liked Apple products until Steve Jobs came back to the company and destroyed it. Now they make me sick. Anyone who buys their products is an idiot. Not an opinion… an unfortunate fact.

    I love my Motorola Droid. Better quality phone and way more customizable. Suck it, Apple.

    Sorry, I hate being a troll, but Apple is the one company in the universe that makes me break out in CRAZY hate.

    • Lucid

      I couldn't have said it any better!

  • Monica

    I don't like Droids at all, just hate the OS. So yes, I'm waiting for Iphone, Verizon better deliver, otherwise I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and go to ATT.

  • Ryan

    Well the original Droid is a dated and much slower phone than the iPhone 4. I’m glad to have the choice that Android brings and watching the platform evolve. I’ll take a Galaxy-S or Droid X if you can’t wait. Those are a better comparison to the iPhone 4. Or wait for the dual core phones in a couple months when Android 3.0, Google tv and other various goodies are released.

  • Jay

    T-Mobile please for the iPhone…!!!

    • chris

      You can, its easy, just google it, its way easy

  • Ever

    The reality is that there’s anything new or better than Apple’s iPhone 4 can bring to Verizon. Android’s phone are growing much faster than the IPhone just because Android is better.

    Why you need an IPhone is Android is just better!

  • Steve

    The iphone is nice, no doubt about it, but would you leave America to go to China? The future of Android, in my opinion, is much brighter than the iphone. I can have Android on multiple devices and multiple carriers. Or, I can have one choice and have the iphone. I love Apple for all they do well, but I do not like their strategy of ultimate control.

  • Chris

    I would drop my Android phone in less than a heart beat for the iPhone

  • sgill

    No way I’d trade down to any iPhone. Android is already leading the way in technology and starting to take over the market share.

  • Susan

    VZW and Android all the way. I have the the Incredible

    I love the features and apps. I use Google Maps/

    Navigation all the time.

  • HLowe

    I would trade my Blackberry storm for an iPhone any day, anytime, and dare I say… almost any cost! I am endlessly waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone!! I just don't want to trade the best service for the best phone.

  • Ktmotoxer

    I would trade my Droid X for an iphone the very day hell freezes over. Verizon has a sure bet with Android and according to several analysts Android is already getting close to surpassing Apple. F*¢k Steve jobs and his little nonreception having toyphone! My Droid X has replaced a navigator, Mp3 player, Camera, and I rarely use my PC anymore. I have a portable video game system in my pocket at all times. Being able to play Snes emulators on my high def TV via hdmi cable, and controlling the whole thing with a wii remote. In my opinion Android is superior with simply being open source. Customization is the name of the game. The bottom line is Verizon just doesn’t need Apple period.

  • Eps

    I would definetely not trade my droid x for an iphone.

  • Julie

    I’d trade my Droid X in a heartbeat if an iphone came to Verizon.

  • AppleReady

    This is the last time I'll wait for Verizon to make the right decision. I've postponed my Verizon upgrade for almost a year now to avoid a new 2 year contract. If I don't see a Verizon iphone by christmas, I'm jumping ship, never looking back, and saying hello to any carrier who does have it.

    Hey Verizon, can you hear me now?

    • swb

      Me too! In a New York minute that Droid would be gone. The only reason I haven't jumped ship is that my husband hates AT&T and we're on a family plan.

  • Joss Gruel

    the iphone is for itards

    • unkown

      then ur saying ur one

  • Joe Riley

    I would only use an iPhone if they made a device with a slideout hardware keyboard, along with make it hackable (eg you can root it, hack tethering for free on it, make custom IOS roms and share them with your buddines, -all the current joys that android brings)

  • Alex

    Neeeh – I'd pass on the Iphone – Android is already much better. Plus it has a nice, steady growth, while Apple is declining. Sucks to lose a monopoly 🙂

  • Britch

    I had wanted an iphone before the droid came out. Now I dont think I would switch. I like the freedom to put whatever apps i want on my phone without having to jailbreak it. Even if you do root your phone, you are not seen as an enemy by your phone provider.

  • NApple

    Apple rumors rules …

    • john

      can verizon get the Iphone! My wife got one with att, I just could'nt deal with att's screwed up billing process again.

  • regbs

    I'd definitely try an iPhone during the trial period. I'm a bit of an Apple skeptic when it comes to the Apple tax on desktops and laptops. Apple software, user interface, attention to end-user experience, and refining ideas (if not innovation) are impressive. My first cell phone was on Verizon. I tried AT&T (then Cingular), then returned to Verizon when I compared my work Verizon Blackberry with my AT&T phone. In NYC, anyway, Verizon's service was superior. AT&T wasn't bad at the time, but I experienced lags and delays in connection that were pleasantly absent with VZW.

    My Motorola Droid is a capable phone, but is slow and cumbersome compared with the iPhones 3GS and 4. The Droid's processor is a bit underpowered and will have a screen devoid of any icons for up to 30 seconds.

    I would definitely cross my fingers for Androids GPS turn-by-turn voice prompted navigation feature. Android's voice recognition is also very impressive and noticeably improving. I get a lot of use out of Google Voice. So I would definitely weight their availability on iOS when choosing — if I ever get a VZW iPhone option.

    In a way, it's sweet justice to see arrogant Verizon proved so wrong by Apple. I understand that Apple approached Verizon initially, only to be rebuffed by the Big Red that was notorious for crippling its phones to fleece customers who were already paying handsomely for handsets and plans. GPS, for example. Verizon sold phones that already had GPS receivers, yet VZW would cripple them and require to to pay a monthly fee for it's VZ Navigator ripoff. Thanks to iPhone cleaning its clock, VZW now has a mostly hands off approach to its Android line.

    The blogosphere, YouTube and acquaintances' accounts have scared me away from AT&T, which may not be fair, but stereotypes and reputations generally form for a reason. So, no to AT&T while VZW is "just working" and unnoticeable in a good way. I'd give Sprint a go.

    • Allan

      I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing an iPhone on Verizon, but I am one of the opposite groups of people – I traded my iPhone for the Droid and I have no complaints. I wanted to tell you though, the Droid and iPhone 3GS are both running Cortex A8 processors clocked at 600 MHz. So your claim that the Droid had a slower processor was false…..I know the iPhone 4 has its own processor based on A8 but I haven’t seen any benchmarks so I don’t know how it compares.

  • zach

    I would trade my android for an iphone anyday!

    • Eric

      You must have a Cliq or some other entry level Android phone to make a comment like that.

    • kenney

      My doid2 is better than any product or OS apple has produced in years. If apple really wants to take over the world they need to leave phones and tablets and go back to their excellent digital art platforms.