Similac Recall 2010: Will more people breastfeed?

By Gary Johnson - Sep 25, 2010

With the recent Similac 2010 baby formula recall and concerns regarding young baby’s health, an old argument of breastfeeding Vs baby formula has resurfaced.

Jerry Reth of Health.Spreadit is saying there are a large group of people who think all young children should be breast-fed. This recall could start a battle between women who have been pushing for this, and the formula companies.

Some have even said that formulas should only be available via prescription, and these ideas are getting more support from the general public following the Similac 2010 Recall. The company will probably lose a lot of customers for good now, even though they worked with the FDA, who said no health risks were linked with the affected products.

We have had a lot of comments from our readers worried about the product, with quite a few complaining their children have had symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. There is no proof this is related, but it is a big worry for parents. This will lead to many saying breastfeed.

Do you think recalls like the Similac recall will lead to more mums breastfeeding?

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